Staff Augmentation Services from Blue Connections IT

Throughout the Blue Connections IT journey, Staff Augmentation has been a key deliverable to achieving our customer’s needs. The business unit has developed into a key growth pillar, allowing customers access to flexible and professional IT staff, available onsite at short notice and from a company they know and trust.

Drawing from the highly skilled Blue Connections IT talent pool, our engineers can be onsite at your workplace for a day, a month, or longer to cover staff leave and peak business periods. We can provide hands on guidance and support for project rollouts and large scale deployments or help manage your specific day to day technology needs.

Blue Connections IT’s Staff Augmentation Services can help to power up your ICT by rapidly deploying IT professionals to assist you, when and where you need it. We’ll come to you and you’ll only pay for what you use, allowing your business to reduce costs while gaining expertise.

We can help alleviate the common staffing challenges businesses face, such as:

  • head count restrictions
  • addressing skill shortages
  • scaling quickly to meet the changing landscape of a digital world
  • cyclical workloads.

Our services cover implementation, management and support which will meet your technology requirements on a wide range of projects. We can rapidly deploy a member of our team, with the appropriate skillset, to augment your team when you need it most. We have highly trained experts available to cover every aspect of IT data management, digital and security information and operations.

Blue Connections IT Staff Augmentation Services integrate seamlessly with your existing team and are managed by you whilst having the advantage of ‘back to base’ support from Blue Connections Senior Level experts.

We understand you may not know, in advance, the level of support your organisation will require on a month to month basis. We provide the reassurance of having IT expertise, at hand, when inhouse skills or external support agreements cannot meet demand.

We’re proud to offer Services Support Packages that are designed to assist your business in times of need.

To find out more contact the Blue Connections IT team.

How we have helped our customers


When a national retail organisation, head officed in Melbourne’s South East needed to immediately update their statewide Retail and POS systems, additional pressure was placed on their IT department due to the sheer scale and time frame of the deliverables for the project. This additional workload meant their IT staff were stretched. In consultation with the customer, Blue Connections was able to provide two additional Desktop Support Engineers for three months to backfill their in-house IT staff, allowing them to successfully complete the project.


When a large pharmaceutical company needed coverage for their Service Desk Manager during her planned maternity leave, Blue Connections was able to assist with providing an experienced Service Desk Supervisor, allowing the organisation to continue to provide a seamless service experience for their end users.


When a prestigious law firm needed assistance to manage a large PC refresh, our engineers were onsite to manage the project and to assist with the individual testing of their unique software requirements to ensure a smooth transition to embracing their new technology.


When a customer within the health industry required an onsite Service Desk/Project Manager to document Help Desk processes, we were able to assist with a skilled ITIL certified professional to fully document processes following ITIL best practice to give structure to the IT services team.


A Blue Connections enterprise customer employs a base level of Full Time Employee’s (FTE) to manage everyday business requirements and during peak periods engages Blue Connections to supply additional employees to handle these high demand peaks throughout the year. Blue Connections provides the staff, on a rotating basis, all of whom are fully inducted, police checked and have site knowledge of their in-house systems and procedures. This allows the customer to keep their permanent headcounts within budget, whilst still maintaining their level of service.


One of our NSW customers had a senior service desk analyst unexpectedly resign. Within 24 hours, Blue Connections provided them with a short-term replacement who was able to pick up the workload for the five weeks it took to find a suitable permanent replacement.