Blue Connections IT is committed to sustainability and has achieved carbon neutral certification for its business operations for the financial year ending June 30, 2022. This certification, assessed by Pangolin Associates and certified by Climate Active against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon emissions and working towards a low carbon future.

As part of this assessment, Blue Connections IT collated information on key contributing factors to greenhouse gas emissions, including:

  • electricity usage

  • business kilometres flown or travelled

  • associated transport and freight information

  • daily needs such as cleaning, software, and stationery

  • professional services such as lawyers, public relations (PR), and advertising.

By undertaking this comprehensive assessment, Blue Connections IT has made progress towards achieving some of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal set of interconnected goals, targets, and indicators that constitute the global development agenda for 2015-2030.

Investing in carbon offset projects, undertaken to achieve carbon neutral certification for the 2022 financial year, will help Blue Connections IT set a baseline for future financial years, track our progress, and further identify areas to improve and align our company with a low carbon future.

“ Blue Connections IT is proud to have achieved carbon neutral certification for our business operations, certified by Climate Active, which is an important step in our sustainability journey. Blue Connections IT is committed to continuing to enhance our business practices with its low carbon offset of 1,560 tons of carbon dioxide produced in the financial year ending June 30, 2022, evidence of some of the tangible actions we have already taken. ”

Gordon Brownell, CEO, Blue Connections IT

Blue Connections IT aims for complete transparency on our sustainability initiatives, the links below verify our carbon credits retirement and how we’re helping protect a highly critical region of forest in the Brazilian Amazon via the Pacajai REDD+ Project.

Climate Active carbon neutral certified

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian government and Australian businesses that aims to promote and drive legitimate climate action. It’s a voluntary program that ensures every company is measured to the same standard, providing best practice guidance on how to measure, reduce, and report emissions data. The carbon neutral certification offered by the program is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous in the world.

To achieve carbon neutral certification, which is certified by Climate Active, organisations must complete a greenhouse gas assessment that accounts for the carbon produced from the entire value chain of the business’s operations.

During the assessment process, companies are required to develop a strategy to reduce their carbon emissions rather than relying solely on offsetting. This strategy ensures that organisations are actively working towards avoiding and reducing their carbon emissions.

By being carbon neutral certified by Climate Active, we recognise the threat of climate change and are wholly committed to reducing our impact on the environment by establishing more sustainable operating practices and achieving a sustainable value chain and operating ecosystem.

Working with our staff on sustainability

Blue Connections IT has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by taking tangible actions such as:

  • equipping our warehouse with a 75-kilowatt solar panel array. This will be doubled to over 150 kilowatts in 2023 with battery storage to come online

  • a fleet of electric vehicles, used for deliveries and by engineers

  • signing up with a car leasing company to provide employees with the option to lease electric vehicles

  • installing six electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with plans for additional charging stations to be installed

  • using recycled carboard in our warehouse, replacing plastic packaging

  • incorporating sustainable principles in the design of our head office, including rainwater collection and energy-efficient features like double-glazed windows

  • inspiring staff to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal lives

  • incorporating ESG themes in our marketing strategy.

Working with our partners on sustainability

Blue Connections IT partners with like-minded businesses that are equally committed to achieving more sustainable practices and recognises that its environmental impact goes beyond its operations and extends throughout its supply chain.

Through partnerships with leading vendors, Blue Connections IT is dedicated to achieving a sustainable value chain and operating ecosystem. It is actively engaging with suppliers to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

See how our some of our device partners are reaching their sustainability goals:

Working with our customers on sustainability

Urbis, an organisation dedicated to shaping cities and communities for a better future, recently worked with Blue Connections IT and Lenovo to upgrade its ageing device fleet and enhance its end-to-end lifecycle management.

Lenovo also offers sustainability processes and a device offset program that makes it easier for businesses to offset the carbon emissions associated with each Lenovo end-user device over an average lifecycle at the point of purchase. This assisted in helping Urbis achieve its goal of becoming a carbon neutral certified organisation by the end of the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Urbis not only met its target, but also surpassed it by six months, a testament to the company’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and leading the way in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly communities. Blue Connections IT has also provided Urbis with device lifecycle management, making it easier to manage devices and become more sustainable, secure, and economical.

“ When Urbis went to market with Blue Connections IT, the business was looking to upgrade its current ageing laptop fleet with an end-device solution that offered more flexibility and could free up employees’ resources to focus on higher-value tasks. As part of this partnership, Urbis also became the first customer of Blue Connections IT to engage in a device carbon offset program. ”

Michael Fugaro, Director of Technology, Urbis

Working at our building on sustainability

Our long-term sustainability vision ensured we designed the new building with solar panels & double-glazed windows to improve energy efficiency. Recycled rainwater tanks were also installed to service the toilets & garden. Our Electric vehicle charging station allows employees to charge their vehicles as well as utilise our Blue Connections IT electric vehicle for customer deliveries & appointments.

Sustainability at Caribbean Park

Caribbean Park’s office precinct, where Blue Connections IT’s head office is located, has attained carbon neutral building certification certified by Climate Active.

The achievement of carbon neutral certification is the perfect complement to our development, already regarded as the finest location for staff amenity and staff performance.

Caribbean Park works to establish meaningful results, such as being awarded a 5-star green rating by the Green Building Council Australia representing Australian excellence in building design. In addition to the design, the inclusion of solar arrays and the commitment to reducing power usage has contributed to a 5-star energy rating by the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).

“ We are delighted to have achieved a carbon neutral building certification on all rateable office buildings at Caribbean Park and will continue our efforts of improvement and maintaining the commercial office buildings in a manner befitting of our natural environment and the needs of our occupant partners into the future. ”

Tim Rubio, Asset Manager, Caribbean Park

Working on Asset Recovery and Sustainable E-waste Solutions

Asset recovery is a core service within the device lifecycle management offering. Blue Connections IT is a Blancco certified Silver ITAD partner, providing transparent tracking of equipment that allows full visibility on organisations’ equipment and where it ends up. We aim to provide businesses with the best return on retired and end-of-life hardware through the re-sale of decommissioned equipment while complying with environmental best practices.

We make all attempts to resell or reuse hardware and IT equipment as it’s the most environmentally friendly option while still aiming to get organisations a financial return on their investment. We repair and refurbish hardware where feasible, to bring it up to a standard for resale.

About Sustainable Development Goals

Through undertaking a comprehensive carbon assessment, Blue Connections IT has made progress towards achieving some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are a universal set of interconnected goals, targets, and indicators that constitute the global development agenda for 2015-2030. Adopted by 193 member states of the United Nations in 2015 as the successor to the Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs comprise of 169 targets categorised into 17 goals that focus on the five key elements of people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.[1]

Each goal advocates a general aim, which is supported by a set of primary targets that prescribe specific actions and timeframes (represented by a number, e.g., 1.1), and a set of secondary targets that are more flexible in their approach and open to interpretation (represented by a letter, e.g., 1.A). Together, the goals call for urgent action by all nation states to form a collective partnership to end poverty, improve health and education, reduce inequalities, boost economic growth, mitigate climate change, and preserve nature.[2]

Depending on the industry sector and geographical location of the business, certain goals will have greater impacts and opportunities than others. Below are the focus SDGs for Blue Connections IT.