Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, continually delivers innovation to enable secure digital transformation—even as the pace of change is accelerating.


Chief Technology Officer, Blue Connections IT
Palo Alto Networks are one of leading security vendors in the field that provide Next-Gen firewalls, Cloud security, Endpoint protection and Secure access service edge (SASE) based solution offerings. The solutions offered are fast, secure and reliable and they have a product suite which can meet the needs of all organisation sizes. The unique way in which their PANOS firewalls can handle traffic through application aware security, singe-pass architecture and additional accompanying products makes the Firewall offering a solid choice for our customers to select when deciding on a new security vendor. Because of the products that Palo Alto Networks can provide, its makes the decision easy for Blue Connections to partner with them on new security solutions that we work on.

Discover Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered
Next-Generation Firewall

Today’s IT environments and threat landscape present unprecedented challenges for security teams. Attackers are using automation to deliver nonstop malware variants. Public and hybrid cloud adoption have introduced increased complexity. The explosion of IoT devices has created new cybersecurity risks. It’s no surprise that traditional network security is simply no longer enough. You need a proactive, cloud-based and machine learning-driven approach to keep your networks safe.

Introducing the world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall. This is a paradigm shift in network security embeds machine learning directly in the core of the firewall to provide real-time IoT device identification and inline, signatureless attack prevention. Our industry-first firewall enables you to stay ahead of unknown threats, see everything, including IoT, and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations.

Security Lifecycle Review (SLR)

A focused, free security risk assessment, the SLR produces a report that summarises the volume and types of threat exposures and vulnerabilities identified on your network over a specified time period. It also includes recommendations on how to reduce your overall risk exposure and improve your security posture.

Panorama™ – Network Security Management
by Palo Alto Networks

Panorama™ offers easy-to-implement, centralized management features that provide insight into network-wide traffic and simplify configurations.

As your network security architecture increases, managing your network and keeping it safe from threats becomes complex, inefficient and even costly. Network security management should simplify security through one management tool, help IT/Network Security teams increase efficiency through automation and reduce risk from emerging threats. Palo Alto Networks PanoramaTM provides all this and more in an intuitive user interface (UI) that can be used to monitor, configure, and automate security management.

Best Practice Assessment (BPA)

99% of firewall breaches through 2023 will be due to firewall misconfigurations, not firewall flaws, according to Gartner research. Companies typically implement basic capabilities and postpone setting up many features that maximize protection. The Best Practice Assessment is quick and easy and provides a barometer of your security implementation.

Congratulations Paul on your achievement!

We are excited to announce that whilst attending the Palo Alto Networks SE Summit 2020, our very own Paul Wilson completed his Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) exam.

This is Palo Alto Networks highest attainable examination and indicates that those who have passed it possess the in-depth knowledge to design, install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot most implementations based on the Palo Alto Networks platform.

Meet Cloud Security Needs in Minutes

The thinking behind the flexible consumption model is that security shouldn’t get in the way of critical activities, such as application development. But when procurement processes can take days, or even weeks, people start thinking about taking shortcuts. And if you’re a security professional, you know how that story usually concludes.

IoT Security

IoT has arrived in a big way because its potential benefits are immense. An essential investment for every enterprise and business, nearly all sectors have IoT projects that call for embedding a variety of IoT endpoints into their network infrastructure. Palo Alto Networks industry-first IoT Security solution delivers a machine learning based approach to discover all unmanaged devices, detect behavioral anomalies, recommend policy based on risk, and automate enforcement without the need for additional sensors or infrastructure putting your existing IT teams at complete ease.

In-line Machine Learning

Leveraging cloud-scale resources and automation, today’s adversaries now have the ability to spread their attacks faster and to deploy polymorphic malware and malicious content that evades detection with constantly changing identifiable features. Palo Alto Networks has delivered the world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall that provides inline machine learning to block unknown file and web-based threats. Using a patented signatureless approach, WildFire and URL Filtering proactively prevent new and unknown threats in real-time without compromising business productivity.

PA-400 Series

Palo Alto Networks PA-400 series ML-Powered NGFW (PA-460, PA-450, PA-440, PA-410) brings Next Generation Firewall capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations, and midsize businesses.