Security Operations Services from Blue Connections IT

Cyber-attacks pose a significant risk to all organisations on a global scale. The increasing frequency of attacks paired with an ever-expanding threat landscape can become overwhelming if the appropriate cybersecurity tools and skills are not harnessed effectively.

To address cybersecurity shortfalls, emerging research suggests a more holistic approach is required in mitigating cyber-attacks. All aspects of your attack surface must be considered to eliminate any potential attack vectors that an attacker could leverage.

To combat the ever-changing security landscape, Blue Connections IT has recognised the need to develop an in-house Security Operations team to monitor for threats and vulnerabilities proactively, and the team has assembled a list of highly rated tools and services that work together to ensure that all devices, software and files are effectively monitored and protected throughout your organisation.

Cybersecurity Solution Offerings

Our Security Operations team offers a range of services to protect your organisation.

  • Security Assessments Regular assessments of information technology environments are important for identifying gaps in security coverage and existing vulnerabilities that create risks. We work in line with industry standards to review your security posture, make recommendations and prepare your environment for external audits so that your organisation is prepared to meet compliance standards.

  • Vulnerability Management Blue Connections IT utilises a security exposure management platform that combines risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security and identity security to provide a single unified view of your modern attack surface. By deploying dedicated device agents or network sensors, we can detect anomalies within the network before a breach happens and provide a holistic view of network and overall security posture.
  • Mail Protection Many cyber security attacks today originate via email, so your organisation must be protected against malicious emails, phishing attempts and other attacks that try to infiltrate your organisation’s email. Blue Connections IT’s best in class email security solution will detect attempted email attacks and identity-based threats, catching known and unknown threats that other email security vendors may miss.
  • Security Awareness Training 95% of all cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error. Blue Connections IT offers an in-depth security awareness training program to ensure that all end-users are equipped with the knowledge required to defend against a wide variety of phishing emails, ransomware and other social engineering attacks. We can work with your organisation to create awareness campaigns for employees to ensure you are prepared for the ongoing malicious attempts to infiltrate users.

  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) A threat actor’s malicious activity will typically be disguised in device log files alongside legitimate entries. Security information and event management (SIEM) software is designed to automatically monitor these log entries and correlate this information for analysis and review. By integrating critical systems such as Windows servers, Linux servers and Firewalls, we can use the logs from these devices and provide proactive analytics and visibility of the network. Blue Connections IT utilises a cloud-native SIEM solution that includes Alert and Case Management, over 100 pre-built correlations, integrated threat intelligence and powerful dashboarding capabilities.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Blue Connections IT’s advanced endpoint detection and response tool protects against malware, viruses, and various other cyber-attacks with multiple layers of analysis, allowing you to maximise visibility across every corner of your organisation. Blue Connections IT will fully manage the endpoints in your environment and have options for 24×7 monitoring, allowing our dedicated SecOps team to monitor for threats and provide remediation solutions.
  • Password Security Strong password management tools that ensure and enforce adherence to password policies like complexity requirements, rotation policies, timeouts and multi-factor authentication are essential for all end users. Blue Connections’ password management tool allows you to protect access to all your applications, systems, secrets, and IT resources using a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture.