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Blue Connections partners with IBM to create industry-leading platforms that enable digital reinvention and position you to thrive in the era of hybrid multicloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI). “

Do you have a hybrid multi-cloud strategy in place?

3 Points to Follow to Adopt a Successful Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

eBook: 3 Points to Follow to Adopt a Successful Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

As companies seek to implement multi-cloud strategies, IT storage can often become the biggest obstacle in their pathway. Mismatched vendor technologies, multi-vendor complications, and inadequate features are just some of the obstructions imposed by
storage landscapes.

Before you launch your hybrid multi-cloud strategy, there are three critical challenges you need to address first.

What’s the role of On-Premises in a Cloud Reality?

We are living in an increasingly cloud-forward world, but that doesn’t mean on-premises is going away anytime soon. Forrester’s The Key To Enterprise Hybrid Multicloud Strategy paper focuses on the role of on-premises infrastructure, how it relates to enterprise hybrid cloud strategy and addresses some of today’s most pressing questions, including:

  • Are organisations still investing in on-premises infrastructure and why?
  • Can the lack of reinvestment make you vulnerable?
  • What are the top things to consider when crafting a comprehensive IT infrastructure strategy?

Download it to find out the answers and learn how organisations are developing and implementing their IT infrastructure strategies to position themselves for operational excellence.

Harness the Power of Data to Drive Competitive Advantage for your Business

There are so many ways in which data can help your business get an edge over the competition. 10 Ways Data Can Be Your Strategic Advantage includes all the key ways you can leverage data to drive better business outcomes across various areas, including:

  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Optimising operations
  • Attracting clients
  • Financial planning
  • And more

You probably know at least a few of them, but some might surprise you. Download it now to make sure you are making the most of your organisation’s data.

Find the Right Storage Option for your Business

With countless hybrid flash and all-flash storage options on the market, finding the one that works best for your organisation can be a challenge. How do you find an option that:

  • Fits your business needs?
  • Gives you a strong competitive advantage?
  • Will support your changing storage requirements over time?

You can find the answers to these and other common questions in The smart buyer’s guide to flash together with other key considerations and helpful tips. Download it now so that you can make the best possible decision for your business.