Managed Firewall Services from Blue Connections IT

Keeping up with the latest Security Threats can be time-consuming and prone to slipping down the priority list.

Yet the key to getting the most out of your firewall investment is ongoing management, monitoring and configuration. Security analysts estimate that 80% of firewalls fail due to incorrect configuration thereby exposing your business to potentially expensive and embarrassing security breaches.

With that in mind, Blue Connections IT’s very own Security Operation Centre (SOC) are there to help. Using the latest event management and logging tools, Blue Connections IT have full visibility of your network. Attacks, user activity, application and web site usage is monitored at all times.


In order to ensure that using a service provider does not add to your security worries, Blue Connections IT has invested in the following:

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
    Manned by skilled security engineer.

  • Best of breed technologies
    With accreditation from Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Sophos which has been tested for vulnerabilities and compatibility to ensure that they are fit for purpose and integrates seamlessly with our access and hosting solutions.

  • An extensive range of security solutions
    To meet your wider requirements – a firewall is just one small component of a sound company security policy. To ensure that no area is left exposed, Blue Connections IT can advise on a number of additional services as well as inputting into your security policy.


A managed firewall is essential for any organisation who wants to protect its valuable company data but has limited in-house resources to do this.

It is also ideal for organisations that want to divert the IT team away from routine management tasks. Managed firewalls are designed to work for all organisations – irrespective of size or industry sector.


  • Gain access to specialist security staff
    Without the need to invest in an in-house team.
  • Clear, transparent costs
    The managed solution is on leased equipment over the period of the contract.
  • Keep on top of security threats whilst not losing focus on your core business
    We proactively monitor for threats and incidents 24×7, so that you can concentrate on growing your business with the assurance that your business is not about to be brought to a standstill through ineffective firewalls.
  • Refocus your internal IT team
    Enable them to work with the rest of the business to deploy solutions, control costs and increase productivity. Allow them to focus on their core objectives rather than frantically reconfiguring firewalls to meet the latest threats after they have already occurred.

Managed Firewall services that Blue Connections IT can provide


  • How it works – The entry-level managed service is based upon the Fortinet platform. These units are fully featured firewalls offering proxying of key services and intelligent packet filtering. These are the most advanced and secure firewall technologies commercially available. In addition, Blue Connections IT can provide full management of Palo Alto Networks firewalls.


  • How it works – Our SOC provides round-the-clock monitoring of firewalls and other Managed Networking
    environments. The SOC is located across multiples sites with all monitoring and logging services located in a secure Data Centre facility with multiple back-ups in place for networking, environmental and power controls.


  • How it works – Blue Connections IT security experts receive all the major security advisory notices to keep them abreast of new threats and system vulnerabilities. This constant monitoring of threats in the marketplace enables our experts to apply necessary patches and deliver configuration changes proactively to your firewall policy ensuring maximum security.


Along with Managing your Firewall, Blue Connections IT can offer extra services to maintain your security posture:

  • Secondary Firewall Backup – For customers requiring virtually uninterrupted, Blue Connections IT can install a second firewall into your network or hosting environment. If the primary Firewall should fail the second device will automatically take over ensuring minimum downtime. All filtered connections will remain unchanged during the transition from the primary to the standby device. As with the standard managed service this product benefits from the expert monitoring, and management provided by the SOC.
  • Managed Endpoint Services – For full end to end protection from the Firewall to endpoint, Blue Connections IT can provide Managed Endpoint services using Sophos Central Endpoint, Intercept-X Advanced and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Proving access to Blue Connections IT’s MSP portal, endpoints can be protected quickly and efficiently on a pay as you go pricing model.
  • Managed Networking Services – Using the same expert engineers, Blue Connections IT can provide full management and monitoring of your routers, switches and wireless.
  • Security Penetration Testing – To keep Blue Connections IT security experts alert and following best practice, on a regular basis we engage our trusted security partner to run PEN testing against our firewall deployments to validate configurations. These same tests can be offered to our customers at any time and Blue Connections IT work with our partner to ensure PEN Testing is completed with a full detailed report and presentation of results.