Modern Desktop and Security from Blue Connections IT

The workplace is changing

The nature of work is changing in Australia. Working from home has become a necessity, rather than a privilege. Many of our customers’ daily lives have been impacted, particularly regarding business continuity in the recent weeks. The new Modern Workplace is now more about people, their work spaces and the technology. Powered by Microsoft 365, a modern workplace enables them to work and be productive regardless of who they are, what they do, what device they have or where they are.

Established in 1997 and as a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner, Blue Connections IT can help develop the right solution and provide the services your business needs. With industry leading experience Blue Connections IT can take your organisation on journey where work is not a place anymore.

A Modern Solution

Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Powered by Microsoft 365, Blue Connections IT provides services for end-to-end solutions that encourages creativity, collaboration and productivity without compromising on security and protection of your company data. This allows your business to simply and easily manage a range of BYOD and company-owned devices. Blue Connections IT also helps secure the data contained on those devices. Control the flow of sensitive information in and out of your company, while unleashing the collaboration and communication within it.

Modern desktop is the best experience for end users and IT.

A modern desktop is Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, kept up to date. Making the shift to a modern desktop helps you to foster a secure workplace, empowered by the latest productivity, teamwork and collaboration experiences for your organization. Deploying new PCs or getting PCs back to a business ready state gets easier and you can keep your user populations happy and secure with the most up to date experiences.

This is best achieved through Microsoft 365, which brings together Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, in a complete intelligent solution.

Transform device deployment with Windows Autopilot

Deliver a secure, productive experience without ever touching the device. We can help your users be productive from the start with a personalized out of box experience.

Traditional Windows deployment // The old way
Spend time and money on custom images

Spend time and money on custom images

Deploy and deliver

Deploy and deliver

Expensive plan

Expensive plan

Modern Windows deployment // The new way
Un-box off-the-shelf Windows PC

Un-box off-the-shelf Windows PC

Nominal user interaction

Nominal user interaction

Get to productivity

Get to productivity

End User Experience

User opens the device to an OEM-optimized Windows 10, then they go through the out-of-box-experience (OOBE) where softwares + settings + updates + features + all user data is downloaded as part of the OOBE.

  • Most productive

  • Most secure

  • Lowest TCO

Smart Security

Upgrade your protection with smart security and talk to us around identity & access management. Control access to sensitive data, reduce your exposure to data leaks, accidental sharing and look at increasing security on storage. Detect potential threats, correlate specific attacks, re-authenticate high risk users and remediate threats.

We can help jump start your security journey. Along with conditional access it can help cover the following:

  • Secure identity & authentication
  • Retention & Information protection
  • Threat protection
  • Security management

Collaboration and Communication

Blue Connections IT can help with issues that your business faces with slow and inefficient collaboration, misunderstanding with various versions of files and help reduce email clutter and noise.

A core element of Modern Workplace with Blue Connections IT is to solve the business problems stated above. Solution is powered with Microsoft TEAMS. It empowers your organization with Mobility and Collaboration whilst achieving enterprise security levels. Teams with Blue Connections IT will help achieve the following for your business:

  • Special Focus on Business Continuity – Remote Meetings
  • A hub for remote teamwork
  • Productive chat-based communications
  • Audio conferencing
  • Complete Audio Video meetings solution
  • Modern meeting with Enterprise level security

Windows Virtual Services

Do not have a corporate laptop?
Microsoft released newest version of Remote Desktop Services (RDS), RDS 2019, before Windows Virtual Desktop. RDS 2019 builds on the strong foundation of RDS 2016, letting you rapidly deploy on-premises or in the cloud.

Deploying RDS 2019 on Azure.

We recognize that giving you the ability and making it easier to deploy RDS on Azure gives you a lot of flexibility, scalability, security and several other advantages of Azure. To improve flexibility and ease of cloud adoption, we also support hybrid deployments where the infrastructure roles can be in Azure while the host Virtual Machines (VMs) can be on-premises.

RDS is the ideal Azure IAAS or on-premises desktop and application virtualization solution, with a Windows Server operating system to provide a multi-session desktop experience. When deployed on Azure, you can scale your deployment and manage RD infrastructure roles in your own subscription.

Transform with Blue Connections IT

When taking the journey into the modern world of technology it becomes critical to partner with someone who understands the real-world business applications so that its benefits can be realised. Blue Connections IT has a direct line of support with Microsoft enabling us to quickly resolve any issues from troubleshooting and diagnosis to resolution. Working with us means that you leverage our direct connection to Microsoft making it an easy journey to set up and manage Microsoft 365.

Aligned with our Blue Connections IT brand, our team works hard to understand your varied and specific business requirements. We can then tailor technology and service solutions that we know will support desired business outcomes.

Modern Desktop services that Blue Connections IT can provide


  • How it works – Modern Desktop provides users with a flexible and secure desktop experience which is delivered across a range of devices and accessible both in and out of the office environment. Using the Microsoft Cloud to deliver and manage your modern desktop, ensures your users access company resources from devices that meet your standards for security and compliance. The user is able to access all the applications and data they need to do their work seamlessly, from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone), wherever they are located, using wireless LAN and mobile data connections. This frees them from their desk and moves the organisation from an attendance-based model to a productivity-based model.

    The team will work with you and all your relevant stakeholders to understand the business requirements and demonstrate how Cloud Secured Modern Desktop will transform your user experience. We provide you with a roadmap of activities to ensure successful deployment and seamless migration, enabling you to derive the best commercial value from a transformational solution.


  • How it works – Our Migration team would need to understand the requirements and business outcomes prior to any setup or migration. We’d then undertake a discovery exercise, as this would provide invaluable insight into the organisational challenges and a snapshot of the current state. Following this, we would undertake the relevant high and low-level designs and create a requirements matrix to ensure that all the requirements were addressed and by selecting the optimal technologies and services. After the designs are approved, we would plan the setup of the solution and any relevant testing required. Any migration would be carefully thought out and planned to derisk any potential issues and ensure minimal downtime and disruption to the organisation. Once migration is complete, we can provide early life support, handover to internal or external support teams and any required user and admin training.


  • How it works – We can manage your backend Modern Desktop platform or provide end user support services.
    We offer full service-desk support for end users or can provide an extended support to your existing team by managing backend platform and patching or updating your endpoints.