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Chief Technology Officer, Blue Connections IT

Blue Connections are proud to have Cisco as a partner, currently holding their Premier accreditation status. Cisco’s Enterprise Networking portfolio is one of the market leaders in routing, switching and wireless technologies and Blue Connections have deployed many successful solutions across our SMB and Enterprise clients.

It’s the baseline Blue Connections use for technical certifications. Our NSC team members hold a minimum Associate certification, with senior members in the team holding the highly esteemed Cisco Professional technical certifications. We pride ourselves in working closely with Cisco on major Networking deployments and continually stay abreast of the latest technologies that Cisco has to offer. ”

Blue Connections are a Cisco Premier Certified Partner

After completing the technical certifications, rigorous sales enablement training and achieving partner revenue thresholds , we are delighted to announce Blue Connections is now a Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

Cisco Business Switching

Cisco Business Switching provides an out-of-the-box, low-maintenance solution for your first network deployment with no IT experience required. Enjoy ease of management and affordability.

Datasheet: Cisco Meraki MS Switches

Cisco Meraki MS Series is your cloud-managed solution for an efficient and reliable network. Your multi-tasking IT team can take advantage of remote branch management and hassle-free automatic updates.

Datasheet: Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series is perfect for small network deployment where IT is of “strategic” importance. Your small IT team can deploy an efficient and reliable network that is designed for growth, while preventing security breaches.

Datasheet: Cisco Catalyst 9200L Switches

Cisco Catalyst 9200L Series delivers a proactive network that is programmable and resilient. Designed for scalability, the switches provide customizable configuration, broad range of services, and comprehensive security.

How Blue Connections works with Cisco

Blue Connections worked with one Australia largest Insurance providers in expanding their national network.  As part of their company growth and acquisitions strategy, Blue Connections assisted with setting up new sites by designing and deploying the network infrastructure utilising Cisco’s full Enterprise Networking suite. Leveraging the latest Cisco Catalyst product lines – 9300/9500 series Switching, Catalyst 9800 series Wireless Controllers, Catalyst 9100AX series Access Points, all seamlessly tied together using Cisco DNA Centre. The solution delivered was fully redundant at all layers of the network and with Wireless was setup as the primary connection method for end users, and was designed with resilience in mind, factoring in both primary and secondary wireless coverage. DNA Centre was deployed so that device analytics, management, monitoring and optimisation was achieved, thus improving overall network performance and stability.