BlueSky from Blue Connections IT

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Blue Connections BlueSky “Virtual Data Centre” solution provides the foundations for our “Disaster Recovery as a Service” (DRaaS) capabilities for our clients, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections with a focus to provide high availability, and performance, with simple pricing and predictable billing.

Blue Connections DRaaS is a cloud-based disaster recovery solution that’s designed specifically for your VMware environment. Leveraging VMware or Veeam Replication it provides fast, efficient, and secure disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud, as well as cloud-to-cloud. Combined with our expert professional, managed and support services, our DRaaS is:

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery – As businesses continue to transform and become more digital, they also increase their dependency on technology—putting them at risk. You’ve invested in VMware to power your company, but you also need the security and flexibility of an off-premises, cloud-based disaster recovery solution that’s designed specifically for your VMware environment.

If you have a disaster recovery solution in place, there is a good chance there are challenges with it, including:

  • Operational time to manage and monitor
  • Costly capital investment in infrastructure
  • Business interruption for testing and validation
  • Can include gaps creating risk

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a great option to cost-effectively improve IT resilience and streamline DR operations. While there are many piecemeal options for protection against disaster, Blue Connections DRaaS offers a complete approach.

Cloud Service Providers who display the Cloud Verified badge offer services based on the most complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure technology available, providing compatibility, choice, and control of VMware Cloud Infrastructure at data center locations where this service is offered.

How does it work?

Our BlueSky IaaS platform provides the foundation for our DRaaS offering, clients can consume our IaaS for DRaaS at a reduced rate to host “standby systems” that are replication leveraging VMware of Veeam to our platform.
All require infrastructure including Compute, Memory, Storage, Networking, and Security would be pre-provisioned to host the DR environment, replicated workload can be turned on at any time manually or through failover plans.
If you currently leverage VMware and/or Veeam Backup and Replication, you will be comfortable in the knowledge that our service is provided natively with these products to allow for easy technical adoption.

What is the Pricing Model?

A Consistent and simple pricing model was the driving force for our service offering, static resources are assigned to a Virtual Datacentre for workloads that are in an “Off State”. If a Disaster Recovery event occurs and workload are turned on, this rate increases to reflect the increased resource usage.

Monthly Service charges remain consistence and simple to understand, based on the following resource elements:

  • Workloads Off
    • Disk Capacity TB
    • WAN bandwidth
    • Network services
  • Workloads On
    • CPU in Ghz
    • Memory in GB
    • Disk Capacity TB
    • WAN bandwidth
    • Network services

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections team.