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VMware – Providing the building blocks for digital transformation


Practice Manager: Infrastructure, Blue Connections IT
VMware’s rich industry leading product suite helps us deliver robust and flexible solutions to our clients accelerate and increasing availability of business systems without disrupting them.

VMware Mornington Christmas Races – December 2018

The VMware and Blue Connections team were able to enjoy the perfect setting to learn more about the VMware vision.

VMware Zero Latency – May 2018

A fun and informative night of fighting Zombies, solving physics-based problems amongst flying whales and learning about the collaboration between Lenovo’s VX and VMware vSAN Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Four Must-Haves for a Modern Virtualisation Platform

White Paper: 4 Must have’s for a modern virtualization platform

Digital Transformation requires better data protection, including:

  • Simplified user experience
  • Strong focus on security
  • One platform for all applications
  • Robust operations management capability
Meet the Demands of the Digital Era with Hyper-Converged Infrastucture

Meet the demands of the digital era with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • To stay competitive and meet user demands, IT needs to extend vitualisation beyond compute and into the storage layer
  • How to build a software defined data center
  • Learn from 6 case studies from around the world
8 Tips for a Successful Upgrade to vSPHERE 6.5

8 Tips for a Successful Upgrade to vSphere 6.5

  1. Check the compatibility guide
  2. Understand interoperability with vSphere 6.5
  3. Consider a management cluster
  4. Rethink vCenter server architecture
  1. Open a proactive support request
  2. Don’t rely solely on Snapshots
  3. Take advantage of vCenter appliance tools
  4. Follow the post upgrade checklist

Blue Connections & VMware – Realise what’s possible

Blue Connections & VMware realise what’s possible with the power of the right partnerships to deliver successful HCI solutions in the data centre.

How Blue Connections works with VMware

Client Reference:

Pathology Services

With systems availability critical for one of Australia’s leading pathology providers, Blue Connections with technology Partner VMware delivered a robust Virtualisation platform across multiple sites increasing systems availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities. Leveraging VMware vSphere, VMware Replication, VMware Site Recovery Manager, Blue Connections delivered an IT infrastructure platform for critical workloads that could  survive local infrastructure issues along with complete site outages.

With varied Recovery Point and Time requirements across many systems, VMware’s software delivered a flexible Disaster Recovery capability that could delivery specific RPO & RTO (Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives) needs on a workload by workload basis.

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