Enterprise Service Desk from Blue Connections IT

Blue Connections IT has established an Australian Based Enterprise Service Desk for customers with 1000+ end-users that focuses on customer values and KPIs. Driven by our culture and values, we have a key focus on our SLAs to enable our customers to have a positive experience with the 1st point of contact upon seeking technical support.

Blue Connections IT understands the value of a positive experience and created a sense of culture to enable our team to be at their best. Our team are the contributor to the success of Enterprise Service Desk and adapt to the level of services within our customers that continue to grow and change their environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Clear and defined SLA

    • Blue Connections IT work to provide a level of service and consistency
    • Blue connections IT is driven by the SLA to ensure the level of services of value for our customers
    • Blue Connections IT drilldown on areas that require improvement to ensure SLAs are met and exceeded
  • Partnership on Service

    • Continuously improving the level of service provided and collaborating between Blue Connections IT and customer
    • Working across multiple customers enables Blue Connections IT to see what works across other customers from experiences
    • Our Enterprise Service Desk operate as an internal employee by following the same systems and processes in line with customers’ expectations
    • Developing strong relationships with our customers to ensure a positive/seamless user experience
  • Consistent Reporting

    • Blue Connections IT do the work to understand the level of service provided and what is actioned, as well as perform detailed analysis on the tickets we are receiving and why
    • Blue Connections IT perform detailed trend analysis on incidents and service request
  • Availability

    • Our Enterprise Service Desk is available 24×7
    • Blue Connections IT understands the value of availability to customers that work Australian wide or globally and roster the team to fit the requirements
  • Scalability

    • Blue Connections IT Enterprise Service Desk are cross trained so that we can increase or reduce depending on workload
    • Blue Connections IT review the structure to ensure a healthy level of workload across our team and customers

Our Team Values

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections IT team.