BlueSky from Blue Connections IT

Managed Firewall as a Service

Blue Connections BlueSky’s Virtual Data Centre solution is protected by an industry-leading Firewall platform, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections.
Dedicated Network and Security experts maintain the platform as part of a Managed Firewall service offering, ensuring the highest level of security, availability, and performance for BlueSky customers.

The Firewall platform is built on Fortinet Next-Generation (NGFW) Firewalls hosted in NextDC Melbourne, Australia. The Fortinet firewalls provide perimeter security for BlueSky tenants and enable features such as Software Defined Networking (SD-WAN), Threat Protection and Virtual Private Network (VPN). Each Firewall has internet transit included as standard, with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) enabled on every internet service.

The following core features and services are provided:

  • Network Transit

    • Internet Connectivity with a Static Public IP address
    • Option to add additional IP addresses
    • Network redundancy with the upstream carriers using BGP
    • Interconnects to MPLS and Public Cloud providers
    • DDoS protection on all internet services
    • Centralised internet breakout for WAN’s
  • Fortinet Firewall

    • Application Control and Web Filtering
    • Layer 7 Application-aware network policies
    • Intrusion Prevention and Anti-Malware protection
    • Full SSL Inspection on firewall policies
    • Remote User VPN using SSL
    • Remote Site VPN using IPsec
    • SD-WAN connectivity
    • Optional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support
    • Optional Managed Endpoint Protection

How does it work?

BlueSky customers are allocated their own Virtual Domain (VDOM) on the Fortinet FortiGate platform. A VDOM is configured in the same concept as a Virtual Machine is deployed on a Hypervisor, with each VDOM logically isolated and segmented in a multi-tenanted environment. Customers specify configurations for their VDOM as part of the BlueSky onboarding phase. All Fortinet licenced features are available as part of the managed firewall service and will be enabled by default and customised as part of the BlueSky tenancy setup.

  • Live traffic statistics and security events dashboard
  • Access to Firewall logs and ad-hoc reporting
  • Network redundancy between BlueSky IaaS and ISP Carriers
  • Firewall High-Availability (HA)
  • Unlimited Simple change requests
  • Firewall Firmware Updates
  • 24×7 monitoring of the Firewall
  • Detailed monthly reporting

What is the Pricing Model?

To accommodate the straightforward pricing model offered by BlueSky BaaS, DRaaS and IaaS, the managed firewall service has four easy options to choose from based on network bandwidth (b/w) requirements:

  • FortiGate VDOM + 50Mbps b/w
  • FortiGate VDOM + 250Mbps b/w
  • FortiGate VDOM + 100Mbps b/w
  • FortiGate VDOM + 500Mbps b/w

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections team.