Microsoft’s Commitment to Become Carbon Negative

Microsoft has an ambitious goal and a detailed plan to become carbon negative by 2030. In this brief explainer video, Microsoft Chief Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa explains how the accounting works.

Surface for Sustainability

Sonia Dara speaks with Packaging Designer, Joann Maisonet, to learn what it takes to design creative Surface and PC packaging (in-person and remotely). Then hear from Yunjing Jiao out of the China offices about our sustainability goals for Microsoft’s packaging processes.

Ignite 2022: Built for Sustainability – Evolving the Surface design for a more repairable future. Learn how Microsoft Surface is building sustainability into their design by expanding reparability and focusing on quality and craftsmanship.

REI is embracing hybrid work and supporting its sustainability goals with Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams. REI leaders chose Teams Rooms systems with Surface Hub 2S to create a rich collaboration experience for employees, whether they join remotely or in person.

Microsoft Devices Sustainability Report

Invest in Microsoft devices that have integrity built in across the entire product lifecycle—from design and supply chain through product usage and end-of-life management.

Recycling ocean plastic to help clean up our oceans

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse shell is made with 20% recycled ocean plastic, a breakthrough in materials technology and a small step forward in Microsoft’s sustainability journey.

Embracing sustainability as opportunity

Using data-driven sustainability solutions to create efficiencies is critical for meeting the economic, societal, and environmental needs of today and of future generations. Microsoft believes it’s also good for business.

Good for your business, good for the planet. Forge your path to a resilient future with sustainable practices. Get guidance and information about Microsoft sustainability solutions to help you get started.

Achieving more: 2022 Impact Summary

Microsoft have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to ensure the technology they create benefits everyone on the planet, as well as the planet itself.

Optimise your building operations and infrastructure

See how to minimise the environmental impact of your physical spaces while reducing operating costs in the Sustainable Buildings guide.

Claim your Solar Power Bank

Contact Blue Connections to find out more about Microsoft Surface sustainability and receive a Outback splash proof solar power bank. Offering a hefty 10,000 mAh A Grade, Lithium-Polymer battery housed in a rugged solar charge case, the Outback provides Type-C and Micro USB inputs, a magnetic compass, an LED torch and a capacity indicator.

Pledges to Progress

Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith spoke at the Berlin Microsoft Office, delivering a public keynote and participating in a moderated panel to advance the carbon call, promote standardised carbon accounting to achieve net zero, and announce Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability.