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“My team at Blue Connections, is fully certified in all the major HPE solutions – from Aruba to Recovery Manager to Nimble Storage”

Bernard Tyers, Practice Manager: Infrastructure, Blue Connections

Until recently, having an AI strategy was a pipe dream for most organisations. The rapid advancements and ever-increasing adoption of vision-based AI technology across Australia means it’s fast becoming a business imperative and companies that are slow to jump on board risk getting left behind. AI is here and now and solving major business challenges.

However, AI is very fragmented with organisations needing to turn to multiple vendors who provide individual applications which are not integrated.

HPE AI solutions can help you realise the value of artificial intelligence faster.

Working with Deep Recognition, a specialist AI platform company who provide a wide range of pre-integrated AI solutions, makes it easy for customers to adopt the latest AI technologies. Cameras and video management systems, when combined with AI, can provide strong business value for Marketing, Customer Experience Measurement, Safety and Operations, rather than only being valuable in the realm of Security.

With easy integration into existing VMS and camera infrastructure, combined with the benefits of Multifactor Recognition it’s possible to provide a higher level of accuracy than a single AI application. HPE, Deep Recognition and Blue Connections IT expertise can help you design, implement and manage your AI solution with minimal disruption.

Watch this BriefCam video to find out how just one of the AI applications enable you to capture powerful insights/data from video in real time along with actionable intelligent footage.

Our recent Go Karting evening with HPE Nimble Storage

Thank you to our customers for bringing their driving game for an adrenaline-filled evening Go Karting with the HPE Nimble Storage and Blue Connections team.

White Paper: Cloudbased Data Protection

Enterprise Cloud-Based Data Protection

  • Data Protection Service Levels Drive IT Strategy
  • Leveraging Cloud for Resiliency and Long Term Retention
  • Protecting Data in the Cloud with HPE
  • The Bigger Truth
Protect and manage data copies with intelligent storage

Enable fast and affordable end-to-end protection and copy data management for Oracle, SAP HANA®, and SQL Server databases

Solve the typical pain points in protecting databases, such as:

  • Backing up large databases with minimum complexity and within a short time frame
  • Keeping data protection costs under control
  • Maintaining a reasonably low recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for an application

How Blue Connections works with HPE

Nimble Storage

For one of Victoria’s largest Cemeteries Trusts, Blue Connections delivered a multi-site HPE Nimble storage and Veeam solution simplifying their IT data landscape while ensuring “cloud ready” capabilities. Servicing production, disaster recovery, and backup storage workloads across the two locations, the Nimble HPE storage solution integrated with Veeam backup and replication has delivered our client simplified day to day operations, increased availability, and disaster recovery with less than 30 minutes RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) for critical workloads. The Nimble and Veeam combination proved to be a more cost effective and flexible solution for data backup services over an alternative Public Cloud offering for the ~210TB of data over a 3 year period. This proved to be a critical point in the decision process in moving forward with the solution, due to its ability to service multiple requirements within the IT data landscape.

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