HP’s Sustainable Impact in Asia-Pacific

HP is creating lasting, positive change for the planet, their people, and the communities where they live, work and do business.

Programs and partnerships

The HP Planet Partners Program provides a free and convenient way to recycle HP IT hardware and supplies – ensuring that they will never be sent to a landfill.

Forest bathe with Dr. Jane Goodall and Rebel Wilson – no loofah required. Learn more about how you can help HP in their mission to plant and protect up to 1 million trees this spring in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute and Arbor Day Foundation.

HP are recognised as a leader in environmental sustainability and social impact. Their awards over the last decade speak to their commitment in this space.

HP’s Amplify Impact Partner Program

Amplify Impact is a way for partners to extend their impact in three areas: climate change, human rights, and the digital divide. Participants will be recognised through certification and an annual awards program.

Driving sustainability with HP

HP has named Blue Connections IT an Amplify Impact 3-Star Catalyst Partner for driving sustainability! From training our employees to leading our sales with sustainability, we are helping customers make an impact, too.

Virtual Sustainability Event with HP

In October 2021, our customers were able to receive their own piece of greenery followed by an online presentation from Mark Fenson on how to grow your business with HP’s sustainability vision and technology of the future.

Standing for a New Era of Opportunity

HP is standing for a new era of opportunity, where climate change is reversed, human rights are universally protected, and the digital divide eliminated for all. See how HP are advancing sustainable impact for the planet, its people, and our communities.

Human rights have long been at the heart of how HP do business. Building on their decades-long commitment to social and environmental responsibility, their ambitious 2030 Sustainable Impact goals show HP’s determination to be the world’s most sustainable and just technology company.

HP Tackling Ocean Plastics in Indonesia

HP has sourced more than 1.7 million pounds (771 tonnes) of ocean-bound plastic for use in their supplies and hardware and are collaborating within thier industry and beyond to help grow the market for ocean-bound plastic.

Parallel Lives

Our generation faces the biggest threat imaginable. But it’s not too late to change our fate. HP believes if we just think harder, we might find the solution to the hardest problem of all: how to save the planet.

Claim your Avocado growing vase and instructions

Contact Blue Connections to find out more about HP’s sustainability programs and receive a vase and instructions on how to grow your own avocado .

Delivering on Our Purpose

HP Sustainable Impact means creating positive, lasting change for people, our planet and communities. It’s how they deliver on our promise to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

The Green Plan

Follow HP’s progress towards their 2030 goal to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company.