Services Support Package (SSP) from Blue Connections IT

What is a Services Support Package?

With the growing complexity in IT technology, Blue Connections understands you may never know what level of support your organisation requires on a month to month basis. Some companies don’t have the in-house skills or external support agreements should assistance be required.

Blue Connections Services Support Packages are designed to assist your business if additional assistance is required. SSP’s entitle you to access our team of experienced and reliable IT professionals that understand your business needs.

SSP’s offer you a bridging gap for those times that you need additional support in the absence of a support contract or a managed services agreement. Depending on your requirements, you can easily engage the flexibility of our experienced and professional services team as an extension of your team.

Hours can be used for basic IT support and problem remediation through to complex projects that require additional or more experienced skillsets. Our team are available to assist with remediation of issues in areas including desktop, server and network support. Customers may choose to use the SSP hours for backfilling of staff and unforeseen projects. The flexibility of the contract allows you to pick and choose how to best utilise the hours to assist your business needs.

How does it work?

A SSP is a contract of discounted pre-paid purchased hours that are drawn down upon over a twelve month period to engage our services team. Blue Connections offers a range of discounted SSP packages designed to suit your specific requirements.

Level 1 Desktop Engineer
Level 2 Senior Engineer
Level 3 Solution Architect & Senior Specialist Engineer
SSP40 $40,000 prepaid contract
SSP30 $30,000 prepaid contract
SSP20 $20,000 prepaid contract
SSP10 $10,000 prepaid contract
SSP05 $5,000 prepaid contract


A report is provided each month detailing the drawn down on the SSP credit available. This will detail the ticket number being worked on, along with hours spent and the actions performed.


Access to our extensive IT specialist team, from desktop support to more complex server, network, unified communications and cloud support for a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee. All fast tracked as the SSP is pre-paid, alleviating the need to raise internal purchase orders.


Q. Does the SSP credit expire?
A. Yes; an SSP agreement is valid for 12 months.

Q. I have an SSP with only a small amount of credit left; do I lose that value?
A. No, if you purchase another SSP, the remaining credit will be rolled into the new agreement.

Q. If I require an engineer onsite, are there extra charges?
A. The only extra charges would be travel time (one way for part day; no travel charged for full day) and any expenses such as toll or parking fees.

Q. Will I get charged for a regular onsite engineer if they are away sick?
A. No charges are deducted when an engineer doesn’t attend site.

Q. What is the minimum time increment?
A. Time is deducted in 15 minute increments.