BlueSky from Blue Connections IT

Infrastructure as a Service

Blue Connections BlueSky “Virtual Data Centre” solution provides “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) capabilities for our clients, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections with a focus to provide high availability, and performance, with simple pricing and predictable billing.

Our IAAS offering is built on a VMware Cloud Verified Software Stack and Veeam Cloud Connect Software hosted in NextDC Melbourne, Australia. Protected by Fortinet hardware appliances our solution enables clients to leveraged enterprise class solution features, functions, and availability without the enterprise costs.

The following core features and function are provided:

  • VMware “Infrastructure as a Service”

    • Native VMware Cloud Verified HCI Stack
    • No Singled Point of Failure
    • 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • All-Flash Software Defined Storage
  • Dedicated Resource Pools for Simplified Billing

    • Charged by Compute, Memory, Disk and Networking
  • Dedicated VMware Tenant Management Portals

    • VMware Cloud Director tenant portal
    • VMware vRealize Operations tenant portal
  • Dedicated fixed WAN Bandwidth

    • Sized to your requirements
  • Enterprise Security

    • Stateful firewall, VPN, Intrusion prevention
    • Application Control, Web Filtering
    • SSL Inspection, Managed SD-WAN
    • Multi-Factor Authentication, Endpoint Protection
Cloud Service Providers who display the Cloud Verified badge offer services based on the most complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure technology available, providing compatibility, choice, and control of VMware Cloud Infrastructure at data center locations where this service is offered.

How does it work?

A VMware “Virtual Datacentre” is provisioned within our VMware Cloud Verified Infrastructure Stack for your workloads (VM’s) to operate within, these can be production VM’s or “Standby “Disaster Recovery” Replicated VM’s.  Specific resources will be made available for you to consumes based off your sizing required, including Networking connectivity to your sites and users. Management and control are performed via the VMware Native Cloud Director & vRealize Tenant Portals for your day-to-day workload management tasks including:

  • Starting & Stopping VM’s
  • Opening Consoles
  • Connecting devices (ISO’s)
  • Creating Networks
  • Creating Network Rules
  • Reviewing Resource & Billing Usage information

What is the Pricing Model?

A Consistent and simple pricing model was the driving force for our service offering, static resources are assigned to a Virtual Datacentre where production workloads can run. Monthly Service charges remain consistence and simple to understand, based on the following resource elements:

  • CPU in Ghz
  • Memory in GB
  • Disk in TB
  • WAN Bandwidth
  • Network Services

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections team.