BlueSky from Blue Connections IT

Managed Backup as a Service

BlueSky by Blue Connections provides “Managed Backup as a Service” (MBaaS) for our clients, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections with a focus to provide secure onsite and offsite data protection and retention with simple pricing and predictable billing.

BlueSky MBaaS offering is built around industry leading Veeam product suite providing both Onsite and Offsite Data Protection leveraging our own BlueSky Veeam Cloud Services hosted in NextDC Melbourne, Australia.

The service offering has been designed around providing Best Practices around data protection, complying with the Veeam 3-2-1 Data Protection rule.

  • 3 Copies of data

    • Production / Live Data
    • On-Premises BlueSky hosted appliance
    • BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup
  • 2 different media types

    • On-Premises BlueSky hosted appliance
    • BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup
  • 1 copy off-site

    • BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup

The following core features and function are provided:

  • Hosted On-Premise Server (High Performance) (No Cost)

    • Top Tier Vendor 30TB and 60TB Appliance options
    • Redundant 1GbE, 10GbE, 25bE connectivity
    • SSD Based Backup Repository
    • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Veeam Licensing Options

    • BYO Veeam Licensing Option
    • Veeam CSP all-inclusive licensing
      • Veeam B & R Enterprise Plus feature set*1
      • Veeam One Reporting feature set
  • BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup Capacity

    • Offsite BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup Repository
    • Veeam “Insider Protection” enabled
    • Simple Per TB Pricing Model
    • No ingress / egress costs
  • Managed and Monitored Services

    • Hardware management & monitoring
    • Backup management & monitoring
    • Automated Backup Reporting
    • Self Service Recovery capability
Fully Managed, Self Service, Fast, secure, immutable
Cloud Service Providers who display the Cloud Verified badge offer services based on the most complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure technology available, providing compatibility, choice, and control of VMware Cloud Infrastructure at data center locations where this service is offered.

How does it work?

An on-premises managed backup Solid State Disk appliance is provided at no cost, paired with our BlueSky Secure Cloud Backup repository services. Appliances are provided with a default capacity (30TB, 60TB) that is matched to an equivalent initial cloud capacity in BlueSky providing both onsite and offsite secure data protection and retention.

Additional offsite BlueSky Secure Cloud capacity can be added as required for longer term backups on request or automatically based off client retention requirements.

Management and monitoring of the service including hardware, backup jobs, and retention are provided by Blue Connections, self-service restoration is made available to clients provided via the Veeam Enterprise Web Portal.

What is the Pricing Model?

A consistent and simple pricing model was the driving force for our service offering. Monthly Service charges remain consistence and simple to understand, based on the following resource elements:

  • Cloud Based Repository Size (in TB)
  • Veeam Cloud Licensing or BYO
  • Managed Service

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections team.