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What is BlueSky by Blue Connections?

BlueSky by Blue Connections IT encompasses three core hosting services provided for our customers, including Infrastructure as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Backup as a Service.

Through our long-standing partnerships with VMware, Veeam, and Lenovo we have architected a platform to provide fast, efficient, and secure IT services for critical workloads and data.

With many of our clients invested in VMware Virtualisation for their IT platform, they are finding it both technically difficult and cost prohibitive to transition into existing public cloud platforms.

Our BlueSky hosted solution are designed to provide customers with a seamless pathway into Cloud enabling features, performance, availability, and security that would traditionally be out of reach.

Combined with our expert professional, managed and support services, our IaaS, DRaaS & BaaS is:

  • Effective

    • Business critical RPOs
    • Covers hybrid scenarios
    • Seamless scalability
  • Simple

    • Easy to get started
    • Self-service offering
    • No infrastructure overhead
  • Lower TCO

    • Zero capital investment
    • Leverage VMware investments
    • No new skills required
  • Secure

    • Encrypted data in transit
    • Built-in platform security
    • Isolated workloads on cloud
Cloud Service Providers who display the Cloud Verified badge offer services based on the most complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure technology available, providing compatibility, choice, and control of VMware Cloud Infrastructure at data center locations where this service is offered.

Why BlueSky by Blue Connections?

Our desire is to “Partner” with clients to provide “end to end” IT services that can span from “Infrastructure as a Service” to frontline Helpdesk support. Blue Connections is looking for customers with an appetite for “Private Cloud”, but a desire to work closely with a Technology Provider across all facets of their IT landscape. Flexibility and Simplicity of Service offerings is the goal with each of our Managed Service Customers.

We offer a simple and consistent pricing model that suits a business looking to partner with an IT provider that can provide a bespoke service offering, customised to support their specific requirements, that may not be suited to traditional public cloud solutions.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Manage your own “Virtual Datacentre” within our VMware Cloud Verified Infrastructure Stack for your workloads (VM’s) to operate within.  Specific resources will be made available for you to consumes based off your sizing requirements, including Networking connectivity to your sites and users. Management and control are performed via the VMware Native Cloud Director & vRealize Tenant Portals for your day-to-day workload management tasks.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Leverage your BlueSky hosted IaaS “Virtual Datacentre” for Disaster Recovery of your critical workloads replicated into a standby state with a reduce resource cost. VMware or Veeam Replication can be leveraged from your production infrastructure leveraging standard vendor software functions you are familiar with.

Our Cloud Backup solution provides “Offsite Backup” capabilities for our clients, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections IT, built on Veeam Cloud Connect Software hosted in NextDC Melbourne, Australia.

Managed Backup Service

Managed Backup as a Service (MBaaS) is solely owned and managed by Blue Connections IT with a focus to provide secure onsite and offsite data protection and retention with simple pricing and predictable billing.

Blue Connections BlueSky ‘Virtual Data Centre’ solution is protected by an industry-leading Firewall platform, solely owned, and managed by Blue Connections. Dedicated Network and Security experts maintain the platform as part of a Managed Firewall service offering, ensuring the highest level of security, availability, and performance for BlueSky customers.

A Fast Path to Cloud for Your VMware Workloads

Since the “events” of 2020, the pressure is mounting on IT leaders to accelerate the pace of moving applications to the cloud. Cloud provides resiliency and scale and a foundation for app modernisation and digital transformation.

But you have to get there first before you can reap the benefits.

Cloud Migration Challenges

  • Infrastructure incompatibilities
  • Cost and time to refactor apps
  • Inflexible target networks and security architectures
  • Unexpected performance issues

Many cloud solutions require significant investment of time, money and IT resources to ensure applications are compatible across environments. Instead, organisations would benefit from a single, consistent infrastructure across a seamless hybrid environment, removing the compatibility problem.

Blue Connection Migration services provide an easy onramp to cloud. Leveraging our migration technology designed specifically for VMware environments, you can migrate your workloads and applications to our cloud without a hitch.

  • Highly Available and Secure
  • All Native VMware Solution, Portals and Tools
  • Simplified Billing that is consistent
  • Boutique solution with flexibility and responsiveness
  • One Stop Shop for all you IT needs from IAAS Hosting to frontline Helpdesk

More Information

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