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HP Security Solutions: Elite PCs

With the growing number of security threats, there is a real need for security solutions that help, protect, detect and recover. Learn why HP Elite PCs are the world’s most secure and manageable business PCs.

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Zero Trust with HP Wolf Enterprise Security

The concept of zero trust was coined a decade ago and has steadily and legitimately evolved to enter the modern enterprise IT security architecture.
The HP approach to zero trust is built on the concept that it should be implemented as close to the source of attacks as possible. Just as ripples in a pond are much smaller closer to their source, constraining a threat very close to its point of origin is much easier than doing it elsewhere.

This white paper describes in simple terms how HP Wolf Enterprise Security uniquely delivers zero trust in an effective, yet operationally efficient manner for endpoint devices.

HP Sure Start Gen4

Protect firmware that antivirus solutions can’t with the first and only self-healing PC BIOS. HP Sure Start Gen4 automatically self-heals the BIOS from malware, rootkits, or corruption. With Runtime Intrusion Detection and easy manageability, HP Sure Start Gen4 can help you increase security,minimize downtime, and prevent costly security breaches.

The elevation of security PDF

DATA SECURITY IN A CHANGING WORLD. We live in the era of digital disruption, when always-on connectivity, a mobile workforce and globalisation leave us more vulnerable than ever to cybersecurity assaults. In this brave new world, keeping customer and company data safe is a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

A New Breed of Endpoint Security

Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, organised, and determined than ever, and they have their sights set on your endpoints. HP Wolf Security for Business is always-on and always watching, to help ensure you and your team stay protected.

From self-healing firmware and in-memory breach detection, to threat containment via isolation, HP Wolf Security reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks.