Asset Recovery Services E-waste & Sustainability Vision from
Blue Connections IT

Asset Recovery is a core service within the Device Lifecycle Management offering. Blue Connections IT is a Blancco certified Silver ITAD partner and will provide you with transparent tracking of equipment that allows full visibility on your equipment and where it ends up. We aim to provide you the best return on your retired and end-of-life hardware through the re-sale of decommissioned equipment whilst complying with environmental best practices.

Blue Connections IT operates 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. Call or email us any time to book a collection. We can also provide secure onsite e-waste bins for local or interstate collection.

Our well-equipped and experienced engineers are readily available to assist with everything from basic collections through to data centre decommissioning across Australia & New Zealand.

Once collected hardware is checked-in to our secure quarantine cage within our warehouse. Access to quarantined hardware is restricted to only certified engineers and monitored with 24/7 CCTV. You will be provided with a detailed summary of checked-in hardware which is held in our secure quarantine cage until written approval to proceed is provided to us.

Once approved we will wipe all data and configurations from your hardware including but not limited to; desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, servers, SAN’s and networking equipment. Loose drives, tapes, CD’s, and any other data retaining media will be securely wiped where possible or shredded with photographic evidence provided. No equipment ever leaves our premises unescorted with your data on it. Equipment is then tested and cleaned for repurposing.

All drives are wiped with industry-grade and certified Blancco software. Data destruction certificates are issued to you and every drive/ device is accounted for. A comprehensive, digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure is automatically generated after each erasure. Reporting can be customised to include a wide variety of fields according to your organisation’s compliance and auditing needs. All activities are logged, ensuring absolute transparency and gapless security before and during the auditing process. Each report includes a digital signature for maximum security and to avoid tampering.

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organisations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.

Once wiped equipment can be re-imaged and returned, provided to a lessor for lease return, or remarketed to our partner network buyers.

Contact Blue Connections IT to schedule E-Waste/EoL
hardware collection

Courier collects E-Waste/EoL hardware from site

Secure check-in and quarantine of E-Waste/EoL
Provide reporting and request approval to proceed

Secure Destruction

E-Waste Disposal

Return to Lessor

Remarket Hardware

Remarket Hardware – What happens to your hardware?

We will work with our network of buyback partners to provide you with the highest hardware rebate possible, which can be used to offset services fees or purchase new equipment or services. Most remarketed hardware is on sold to training centres, charities or overseas aid organisations.

One of our core partners sold over 20 tonnes of refurbished IT equipment to not-for-profits in the past year, helping make computers available to organisations otherwise unable to purchase new equipment and thus reducing overall landfill from e-waste. Another one of our partners regularly donates working equipment with low resale value to education centres and underprivileged schools locally and through the Red Cross to aid recipient countries which provides a positive and beneficial impact on these countries and communities. Another partner has repurposed over 350,000 computers since 1997, saving customers money and reducing environmental impact if they were to purchase new equipment. In many cases with tasks such as physical shredding and sorting of materials, our partners will work with disability employment bridging services to help provide those in the community with training, an income and responsibility.

E-Waste Disposal (Recycling)

We make all attempts to resell or reuse hardware and IT equipment as it’s the most environmentally friendly option whilst still aiming to get you a financial return on your investment.
We repair and refurbish hardware where feasible, to bring it up to a standard for resale.

IT equipment with no resale value is sent to our accredited and professional e-waste recycling partners that extract and separate the raw materials so they can be reused or converted to recyclable commodities for reuse in minerals, electronics, and building industries. Partners take accountability for the final destination for this equipment to ensure materials are recycled ethically and legally. Disposals are done in compliance with local and government regulations including ISO 14001:2015, APP 11, R2:2013, NAID , and AS/NZS 5377. 98% of e-waste products are made sustainable for reuse.

Batteries as well as printers, printer cartridges, laminators and CRT monitors contain toxic materials which our recycling partners are qualified to properly dispose of – components are recycled where possible.

For non-electronic office items like paper or folders and stationery, we can provide referrals to trusted partners who will be able to facilitate these requests professionally and promptly, as required.

Please contact the Asset Recovery team at Blue Connections IT on 1800 249 277 or for any enquiries or further information.