Progress Made Real

Dell Technologies believes technology has the power to drive human progress.
“Our emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures ensures that while we accomplished our business goals, we also delivered positive results for all of our stakeholders.”

Sustainable Devices

From their products and packaging to their supply chain, Dell Technologies strives to embed sustainability into all that they do.

Partnering with thousands of companies in our global supply chain to create technologies that drive human progress.

Concept Luna: innovative, circular design strategies that push the boundaries of what sustainable technology can be.

Green and Sustainable Customer Ready Solutions

Cities are growing with rapid urbanisation and facing unprecedented challenges in meeting Green and Sustainability goals. Dell Technologies Green and Sustainable Customer Ready Solutions are highly scalable pre-validated ISV partner solutions designed on purpose-built Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions to deliver cost effective solutions to address these challenges.

Solar Community Hubs

Solar Community Hubs are a solar powered internet center that connects community members to the digital world. These hubs will focus on providing digital skills to further education, skill training to open economic opportunities and health services for the community.

Purpose in Action

The impact of Dell Technologies is as global as the people who work for them. Through a smaller carbon footprint, a more inclusive workforce, a larger social impact and comprehensive data protection, they are bringing positive change in everything they do.

Progress Made Real – Goals for 2030

Dell Technologies knows the world is facing complex challenges today. To drive real change, we need to bring new thinking, new solutions, new collaborations and new voices together. This pursuit is core to our business. It’s time to make progress real.

Innovation made real

Dell Technologies use of innovative, renewable materials in their products is key to reducing their impact on the planet. In 2021, they engineered their first PCs made with tree-based bioplastic and bio-based rubber and aim to expand their use of renewables into more platforms in 2022.


Latitude are the first PCs made with reclaimed carbon fiber and tree-based bioplastic.


In 2007, OptiPlex desktops were the first PCs made with recycled materials, and today they contain up to 60% recycled plastic.


Precision mobile workstations were the first in the industry to be made with renewable bioplastic.


Select new commercial Dell Monitors use 85% recycled plastic in their design.


We have reduced PowerEdge’s energy intensity by 83% since 2013.


PowerStore guarantees 4:1 data reduction to support infrastructure consolidation.


The latest PowerMax is 40% more energy efficient than the previous generation.

Carrying Cases

The EcoLoop collection is designed with reclaimed materials and its solution dyeing process uses 90% less wastewater.

Claim your Grow Box Kit and Sow the Seed for a Better Planet

Contact Blue Connections to find out more about Dell Technologies ESG programs and receive a grow box kit which includes everything you’ll need to grow your own carrot, lettuce, basil, thyme, and parsley.

Blue Connections IT goes green at the Melbourne Dell Technologies Forum

We were able to get all the gossip on the latest Dell Technology by sponsoring the water coolers and handing out reusable drink bottles.
Thanks to all that stopped by for a chat and thanks to the team at Dicker Data for co-sponsoring our stand.

Cultivating Inclusion

Dell Technologies are a diverse team that values diversity of thought and experience to create innovative technologies that drive human progress.

Be Who You Are

The magic happens when people with diverse perspectives and experiences work together and share the same values and vision. Hear from some of Dell Technology’s global team members about their experiences with Dell Technologies – and how they embrace their exceptional talented team, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or background.