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“Empower your teams with the best of Microsoft. Inspire employees with the ability to work naturally. Surface delivers people-centric design and flexible form factors so your team can work anywhere.

Even if your organisation does not currently have a robust work-from-home or remote work policy, as the trend toward mobile work accelerates, the devices you buy today must support flexible work tomorrow to maximise returns on your investment . Devices that enable seamless remote collaboration will prove to be the most valuable over time, both from a productivity and retention standpoint.

Many of our clients choose Surface devices to allow their employees to conduct business from anywhere and have noted a positive impact. Surface’s mobility features, including strong battery life and the ability to run multiple applications side-by-side, compounded by the mobility benefits of Microsoft 365 Enterprise have helped improve employee satisfaction and retention and positioned their organisation as top employers.”

Jane Murphy, Account Executive

Surface Pro 6

You wouldn’t expect two football players to make a second career out of cupcakes, but that’s exactly what former NFL teammates Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin have done. And the new Surface Pro 6 is helping them every step of the way. From setting up schedules to creating social media promotions, the Surface does everything they need. It’s light, superfast and has a great battery life. The new Surface Pro 6. More power. More speed.

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Available in 13.5” and 15” display

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Our lightest Surface yet is built for Firstline Workers

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Powerful expression

Fact Sheet: Surface Pro 6 for Business
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Meet Surface Pro 6 for Business

A more powerful Pro

How Blue Connections works with Microsoft

Microsoft Surface

Blue Connections was able to assist a large global retailer, who operate convenience stores on a franchise model, streamline their business and increase productivity by enabling remote managers complying with brand regulations.

Remote managers travelling large distances daily between stores had a complicated task, by the fact that they used an array of devices to carry out their work, and there was no information sharing between them. Using iPads and mobiles while on the road, the team was regularly forced to return to the office to login to a desktop computer when they needed to access corporate documents. Frequent technical issues would see these roving employees having to bring their devices to the corporate office to be fixed or provisioned. The travel and time to deal with technical issues increased downtime and created significant productivity issues. Blue Connections was tasked to look for a better way to support the managers, so they can spend more of their time in the field, handling franchise compliance and training. After testing a variety of new tablet devices, Microsoft Surface came out on top, thanks to the feel and flexibility of the product fitting with the remote manager’s needs, and its ability to support Microsoft 365, allowing them to securely access corporate data in the field when and where they needed it.

With Microsoft 365 enabled Surface tablets, the management team were able to benefit from improved device management and automated provisioning, ensuring better support if technical issues arose. Now, when remote managers visit the head office for meetings, they can bring their Surface devices and automatically connect to the corporate ecosystem via their own Surface devices, rather than having to find an available desktop.

Blue Connections