How to maximise workforce productivity from anywhere in the world

Having the right equipment has always been essential for work; however, as employees increasingly expect to work seamlessly from anywhere, it has become more important than ever to choose the right equipment and mobile devices for the workforce on the move.

The trend of remote work has steadily increased as ideas around the importance of working in offices versus working from home have shifted. In the wake of the global pandemic, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that 41 per cent of people with a job worked from home at least once per week in February 2021, compared with 24 per cent at least once per week before March 2020.[1]

The impacts of COVID-19 have shown business leaders that mobile technology empowers employees to work productively from any location. Work has increasingly become something you do, not somewhere you go.


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Identifying barriers and tips for productivity success

Despite the rise in popularity for remote work, there are still several barriers to productivity that remain for enterprises that do not invest enough time, money, or consideration into a remote worker’s environment and equipment.

These barriers can impact day-to-day staff operations and ultimately lead to reduced efficiency and business outcomes.

One of the key ways organisations can address these barriers is through finding the right devices for their teams’ needs. Investing in devices with strong connectivity capabilities, user-friendly features, and strong security features ensures that team members can continue to produce high-quality work no matter where they log in for the day.

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Blue Connections are a Microsoft Surface Gold Partner

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