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As your business changes over time, it can be a constant challenge to grow your IT capacity to match.  As technology demands grow, it inevitably becomes more complex and time-consuming to provide a system that supports your colleagues and customers without distracting from your core business.  For the majority of organisations, provisioning IT is a never-ending juggling act: too little capacity and your business is constrained unnecessarily and unable to respond to new opportunities fast enough; yet providing greater capacity for anticipated growth can mean paying for expensive infrastructure that is not fully used.

BC Cloud offers a complete pay-as-you-go IT Solution that includes not only your own secure virtual environment on top-grade infrastructure, but also unlimited monitoring, maintenance and remote support for our cloud based solution.  We take care of all of the infrastructure, while adjusting capacity can be done in moments for you via a simple request.


BC Cloud is cost-effective because it is designed to let you adapt to changing business conditions without having to ever worry that your IT environment can’t keep up.

Scale up and down your usage and costs.

Handle seasonal spikes in activity easily.

Making IT an operational rather than a capital expense allows you to make your available financial resources work harder for you.

Enterprise quality IT Solution for any sized business.

Try new ventures safe in the knowledge that you will not have to risk significant up-front costs before your concept is proven.


Backing up your data is one of those burdensome daily tasks that just has to be done. Fortunately with BC Cloud, we take care of backups for you. In the event of a crisis, or even in moments of human error, you can breathe easy knowing that your backup data is up to date and readily available to be restored for you from our Australian data centre.

Say goodbye to server upgrades patches and refreshes.

Manageable IT costs with no surprises.

Data availability and security 24 X 7.

Guaranteed Response times.


In today’s mobile, anytime, anywhere business environment, employees may need to work in many locations, on many devices and at any time of the day or night. Providing them with a reliable consistent service is essential for optimum productivity levels.

Your data is secure and always available, wherever your are, whenever you work.

Any browser based mobile device is supported.

Simple unified platform for all users, minimal training for new staff members, tailored access to each user.

Built in security.

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