There are many managed security services solutions currently available and the industry is anticipated to grow up to 15 percent in the next five years.¹ With so many options available, it’s difficult for organisations to identify which managed IT services provider is the most suitable for their cybersecurity management needs.
Regardless of which managed security services provider you choose they must be able to deliver three things:

1. A staffed security operations centre that works 24/7

For under-resourced organisations that can’t staff a full-time specialist cybersecurity team internally, engaging with a managed security services provider can be an attractive concept. Partnering with a managed IT services provider facilitates access to high-quality specialist cybersecurity support 24/7. This can also empower your in-house IT team to focus on other priority tasks that support the daily operations of the company and its staff. For the best support possible, consider partnering with a managed security services provider that has a dedicated security operations centre that is staffed 24/7.

2. A proactive approach that demonstrates a clear understanding of your organisation and its risk profile

While it’s essential that managed security services providers have a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, they must also be able to demonstrate a good understanding of your business and industry. Without adequate knowledge of your risk profile and the challenges your company faces, particularly in a changing market landscape, your provider may not be best placed to understand how security incidents could potentially impact your business operations, and how to best protect your organisation from risk. This is beneficial for data management and risk mitigation especially when it comes to disaster recovery, as you will be able to partner with a managed IT services provider that has a detailed understanding of your needs and risk profile.

3. End-to-end protection, from analysis through to daily support and comprehensive reporting

In addition to working with a provider that understands your business and its environment, it’s essential that you partner with providers that you can understand. Working with managed IT services providers that not only provide comprehensive, end-to-end protection for your business, but that also provide clear reports and support in a language you can understand, is crucial.

It’s also advisable to work with a managed security services partner that has a good reputation in the market, can provide current customer references and has ongoing partnerships with world-class technology providers.

Finding the right managed security services provider for your organisation can be difficult. However, Blue Connections has outlined seven essential things you should look for in a managed security services partner in its latest checklist. Download your copy today for more information or contact the Blue Connections team for a consultation.



Chief Technology Officer, Blue Connections IT