Checklist: What to look for in a managed security services partner

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Cybersecurity is a critical component of doing business. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures, however, is increasingly challenging with the rapid evolution and growing complexity of the security landscape. As more devices are connected to the corporate network, and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, organisations need to ensure their cybersecurity posture isn’t compromised.

Most organisations don’t have the inhouse resources or skills to effectively manage their cybersecurity posture. Best practice cybersecurity measures can be difficult to maintain because they require experienced professionals to continually assess and manage security risks. This can be costly for organisations, especially those that can’t maintain a highly experienced in-house team, and purchase and maintain necessary software solutions.

The key to success is choosing the right managed security services partner (MSSP). An MSSP works as an extension of your business, providing expert insights into the protection and enhancement of your IT environment, which frees up the organisation’s internal IT resources to focus on strategic business initiatives. Working with a managed IT security partner can dramatically strengthen your cybersecurity posture without requiring an excessive investment in cybersecurity tools and skills. A managed IT services company provides access to the latest high-quality cybersecurity tools, solutions, and expert teams to optimise cybersecurity for companies of all sizes.

Finding a managed IT security partner that meets your needs can be challenging. While it may seem that cybersecurity services are an expensive investment, the cost of maintaining inhouse experts and the latest cybersecurity tools may be more expensive and the cost of a cybersecurity breach can be unsurmountable for the business. One of the costliest mistakes you can make is to engage a managed IT services partner that doesn’t align with your organisation’s needs and therefore can’t effectively protect your business.

It’s important to work with a managed IT security partner that truly understands your business, your risk profile and appetite, and the specific challenges your organisation faces. They should also have an in-depth understanding of the wider cybersecurity landscape and the impacts this can have on your business.

Before partnering with a managed security services partner, ensure you ask the right questions so you can be confident that the MSSP understands your business, your cybersecurity needs, and how to most effectively work with your organisation. In addition, there are three key warning signs to be aware of before partnering with a managed IT security partner.

1. Promise of a near-instant deployment solution

While a quick deployment may be appealing, it is not feasible. An effective managed IT service company sees the value of customised solutions, so will take the time to understand your existing IT environment and organisational needs.

2. An MSSP that doesn’t understand how your organisation operates

Without a solid understanding of how your organisation operates, including your company culture, your managed security services partner may miss unmanaged risks and gaps in your cybersecurity posture. For example, the MSSP may miss cybersecurity training gaps for your employees that could expose your organisation to security risks.

3. A siloed and disjointed proposal

Before engaging with a managed IT services company, you must check how the ongoing management process will work. The purpose of hiring an MSSP is to make your job easier by streamlining cybersecurity activities. Ensure that you engage with one or two specific people within the managed IT service company, rather than individual departments for each component of the cybersecurity strategy. Also, make sure the MSSP provides back-up contacts who are across your cybersecurity strategy for times when your key contact is away from the office so that your goals are maintained throughout the entire process.

While hiring a managed security services partner is a useful and effective way to ensure your security is ‘always-on’, selecting the right provider is crucial. Engaging an MSSP that understands your needs is critical to business success. Blue Connections can help you identify your unique cybersecurity needs, and work with you to provide the support and security required to protect your valuable company information and intellectual assets.

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