Organisations must reduce cost and complexity to survive in the post-pandemic business environment. Many organisations are now reviewing their operational processes and overhead costs to achieve a greater level of agility and resilience so they can be effectively prepared for the next market challenge.
However, cutting costs and services alone is not the most efficient solution and, in fact, this could put the organisation at financial and reputational risk, especially if the business cuts IT security expenditure.
Instead, a best-practice approach is to outsource cybersecurity management to a managed IT services provider to free up internal IT resources and reduce security management costs. We’ve identified three ways that managed security services providers can take the cost and complexity out of cybersecurity management and help your organisation best prepare for the future:

1. Scalability without capital expenditure:

Investing in robust cybersecurity defence systems can be costly. However, by engaging the services of a trusted managed security services provider, organisations can gain access to high-quality cybersecurity solutions and support for a reduced cost. Working with managed security services providers can also help you more easily navigate the minefield of new security solutions that enter the market every day.

2. Seamless 24/7 protection and fast remediation of issues:

Partnering with managed security services providers facilitates better access for organisations to round-the-clock support whenever they need it, without needing to invest in a full-time IT security team. This also helps to avoid last-minute and costly scrambles by the organisation’s IT team when something goes wrong. This is an efficient way to manage disaster recovery in the event of a breach or incident, especially for organisations without a full-service IT team.

3. Better support for under-resourced teams:

By working with managed IT services providers for IT security, organisations with under-resourced IT teams will also have better access to cybersecurity experts without needing to directly recruit, train and support in-house talent. This also frees up in-house IT teams to focus on strategic objectives that drive the organisation forward, rather than tying up high-cost internal resources on cybersecurity processes.

Working with managed security services providers can help organisations reduce cost and complexity while also facilitating better access to resources and scalability, however these aren’t the only benefits they afford businesses. In Blue Connections’s latest tip sheet, we’ve outlined six benefits you can expect from working with a managed security services partner. For more information, download your copy today, or contact the Blue Connections team for a consultation.


Chief Technology Officer, Blue Connections IT