Tip Sheet: Six benefits to expect from your managed security services partner

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Cybersecurity is an essential risk management measure, but most organisations don’t have the in-house resources or skills to effectively manage their cybersecurity posture independently. Good cybersecurity measures can be complex to maintain, and require experienced professionals to assess and manage risks to a business’s security posture. This can be costly for organisations, especially those that can’t staff their own in-house team, or purchase and maintain necessary software solutions.

Often, the best solution is to engage a trusted managed security services partner (MSSP) to focus on the management of the organisation’s cybersecurity posture, allowing the business’s IT team to concentrate on higher-priority tasks that add strategic value to the business.

If you’re not sure if working with an MSSP is the right step for your company, we’ve outlined two critical ways that investing in managed cybersecurity services can support you and your company:

Outsourcing managed IT services reduces complexity without reducing access to talent and technology

Maintaining an in-house IT team can be expensive, particularly because providing adequate cybersecurity support requires dedicated resources and skills, as well as the time and cost to onboard new IT employees. Engaging the services of an MSSP gives immediate access to the advanced skillsets and knowledge base of trained and certified cybersecurity professionals. Outsourcing cybersecurity support to a dedicated MSSP ensures your internal IT team can focus on the day-to-day tasks of the business.

Similarly, partnering with an MSSP lets you protect your data and assets without the additional costs involved in investing in complicated and expensive cybersecurity technologies. The support of an external cybersecurity company means there is always a technology solution in place to monitor and respond to attacks, with the backing of a qualified and experienced team that automatically takes the required steps to minimise risk when an incident occurs.

By working with an MSSP, your company can access trusted cybersecurity vendors and high-quality cybersecurity services, solutions and support for a reduced cost, compared to the investment required to maintain resources and skills internally.

Engaging an MSSP’s cybersecurity services leads to better managed IT security

For many companies, outsourcing the management of IT networks and security to an MSSP is an attractive proposition. Engaging the services of a managed IT security partner lets companies increase cybersecurity support for the business without increasing the costs involved in protecting sensitive data.

Similarly, having access to round-the-clock cybersecurity services provides companies with the confidence that they are protected and supported in the event of a cyberattack, regardless of when it occurs. Maintaining cybersecurity can be expensive and, if a company is not in a financial position to resource an internal managed IT security team, it’s likely that it’s also not in the position to recover from the cost of a major cyberattack. Enlisting an MSSP for managed cybersecurity services and support alleviates this pressure.

Identifying the right MSSP and managed cybersecurity approach for your business can be daunting. However, Blue Connections can help you find the best fit for your company. Our latest tip sheet reveals six key benefits you can expect from outsourcing your cybersecurity management. Download the tip sheet now, or contact Blue Connections for more information on how working with the right MSSP can help secure your business.