Blue Connections x Lenovo CO2 Offset Services

As the global conversation around the need to reduce carbon emissions to meet climate goals continues to heat up, organisations are under increasing pressure to set emissions reductions targets and make them public to demonstrate their commitment to climate action.

However, while some savvy business leaders recognise that reducing carbon emissions is an essential step in aligning with consumers, employees and partners for greater business opportunities—and to improve the triple bottom line—many organisations may still be reluctant to do so. This is primarily a result of executives not knowing what steps they must take to meet set carbon emissions reductions targets.

Fortunately, the process isn’t as challenging as it seems and there are ways to reduce the carbon footprint for businesses. For example, organisations can make small, incremental changes in the first instance, such as investing in more sustainable technology choices that can help them to meet carbon emissions reductions targets.

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Investing in hardware that reduces the impact on the environment

One of the simplest and often-overlooked areas where organisations can potentially reduce their carbon emissions is in choosing the right hardware and software solutions and taking steps to be more environmentally friendly at the most fundamental operational level.

For example, investing in cloud-based solutions can help companies reduce their impact on the environment. A recent IDC forecast revealed continued cloud adoption could prevent the emission of more than one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from 2021 to 2024.[1] Additionally, companies that invest in video and collaboration tools can significantly reduce the need for work-related travel.

How businesses can achieve IT environmental transparency

While investing in more sustainable technology and more environmentally friendly hardware and software solutions are some of the simplest changes companies can make to reduce their carbon emissions, they aren’t the only changes companies must consider. Participating in carbon offset programs can also help organisations to meet their carbon emissions reductions targets and achieve greater IT environmental transparency.

For example, engaging the services of a hardware provider that lets business customers offset their hardware purchases is a small step that businesses can take towards engaging in more sustainable practices to meet their carbon emissions reductions targets sooner rather than later.

Blue Connections understands that ensuring sustainability and reducing the global carbon footprint of operations is a top priority for many companies.

In our recent whitepaper, Blue Connections outlines how we work with companies such as Lenovo to empower clients to access solutions and services that will help them meet their carbon emissions reductions targets. Blue Connections helps customers leverage the Lenovo CO2 Offset Services to meet the growing demand for environmental transparency, giving organisations the chance to compensate for emissions by investing in environmental schemes.

To learn more about how Blue Connections can help your organisation meet its emissions reduction targets with the support of the Lenovo CO2 Offset Services download our latest whitepaper or contact the team today.

Blue Connections and Lenovo IDG partnership

Lenovo IDG is a global operation comprised of the PCs and Smart Devices (PCSD) business unit and the Mobile Business Group (MBG) of Lenovo, which has more than 30 years of experience in PCs and nearly 40 years of experience with mobile phones.

Blue Connections enjoys a close collaborative partnership with the Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group (IDG) as one of its Lenovo Premier Partners and was recently recognised as the Lenovo 2020 PCSD Australian innovation partner of the year.

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Blue Connections and Lenovo help Gadens transform its business

Over its partnership history, Blue Connections has worked with Lenovo IDG to deliver best in class hardware and software solutions to a variety of Australian enterprises and local and state government departments, including Gadens, a leading independent Australian law firm with over 95 partners and 700 staff across offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Prior to engaging Blue Connections and Lenovo, Gadens’ Melbourne office was relying on an obsolete fleet of desktop PC’s and mobile devices that were slow to run, which were reducing employee productivity and causing frustration. Recognising its need for a technology overhaul, Gadens realised it needed to invest in a complete PC refresh to modernise its fleet with new hardware and software solutions.

With the support of Blue Connections and Lenovo, Gadens identified four best-fit laptop, desktop, and pen-tablet devices to integrate into its technology suite. Blue Connections supported Gadens in testing the devices against the company’s unique software requirements. This included a pilot program that ensured application compatibility and demonstrated new workflows.

Through its technology refresh, Gadens achieved greater focus on its core vision of providing outstanding client service, innovative solutions, and value, delivering the project in the space of five months including the pilot program with the support of Blue Connections and Lenovo.

For more information on how Blue Connections and Lenovo IDG helped Gadens to successfully overhaul its technology, read the case study.

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Transforming IT with modern workplace solutions from Blue Connections and Lenovo

In addition to Gadens, Blue Connections and Lenovo have helped countless Australian organisations and government departments to transform their operations with the support of innovative, high-quality hardware and software solutions.

Throughout the pandemic, more and more businesses have turned to Blue Connections and Lenovo for support in upgrading their businesses to more modern workplaces by taking an innovative, smart approach to workplace technology.

Blue Connections and Lenovo have helped businesses to identify five key priorities they must consider to not only adjust, but to thrive, in this new, more physically distant world, including leveraging Blue Connections IT’s Modern Workplace solution in conjunction with the latest Lenovo devices and Microsoft 365.

Visit our dedicated page for more information on how Blue Connections and Lenovo work to create a modern workplace in a socially distant world.