The evolving threat landscape is marked by the increasing number and severity of cyberattacks against businesses. It’s obvious that organisations must proactively strengthen their cyber defences in such an environment. However, knowing the right steps to take to achieve this is far less clear-cut, especially as companies wrestle with ongoing cybersecurity skills shortages, stretched in-house resources, and the growing reputational and financial costs associated with cyberattacks.

Fortunately, working with a managed security services partner (MSSP) can help demystify the environment while bridging gaps and vulnerabilities. Partnering with an experienced MSSP will give businesses access to a team of qualified and experienced security experts, essential cybersecurity skills, and real-time threat intelligence. And, an MSSP will deliver all this for a fraction of the cost of building an additional in-house security team.

What to expect from an MSSP

The right cybersecurity partner can deliver organisations with three key benefits, including:

  • Lower costs: keeping pace with an evolving threat landscape means companies must constantly maintain and update their cybersecurity products; the set-and-forget approach is no longer a viable option. This can be expensive and resource-intense, as a strong cybersecurity posture needs advanced deployment, upgrades, and constant support to work efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, not every business can afford the price tag associated with attracting, training, and retaining a high-level, in-house security team that’s required for a strong cybersecurity practice. Working with an MSSP can help lower the costs associated with cybersecurity without sacrificing around-the-clock support, proactive monitoring, and quick reaction times when dealing with cyberthreats. Partnering with an MSSP lets organisations access certified professionals with advanced skillsets and a technical knowledge base without the additional cost of hiring and training these professionals.
  • Reduced complexity and increased scalability cybersecurity can be complex for any company and requires extensive time, knowledge, resources, and money. The complexity also grows as an organisation does. Removing the burden from an internal IT team and entrusting tasks to a qualified MSSP who can support the niche requirements of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure can help business leaders to streamline protection while empowering their internal IT personnel to prioritise other mission-critical tasks. At the same time, an MSSP can help companies to keep up to date with security products that facilitate business scalability as needed.
  • Automation cyberattackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and they operate constantly, which means an organisation’s defences need to as well. A reliable MSSP will use automation and other innovative technologies to provide protection against unexpected attacks at any time. This means that an MSSP will notify business leaders of any breaches while they work to remedy them immediately, effectively reducing both time to discovery and time to resolution. It’s crucial that companies have the right support team in place to mitigate potentially overwhelming organisational damage on both a reputational and financial front, and an MSSP can respond in an efficient and cost-effective manner to minimise such risks.

No matter the size of a business, it can benefit from data protection and reduced costs when engaging a skilled and trustworthy MSSP. However, not every MSSP is created equal, and choosing the right one is crucial for positive outcomes. The key to success is to choose an MSSP that aligns with the organisation’s values.

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Chief Technology Officer, Blue Connections IT