Blue Connections IT is thrilled to share that it has been named one of Australia’s Best Workplaces™ for Women in 2023 by Great Place To Work®, the global authority on workplace culture, based on employee feedback.

Blue Connections IT is committed to putting people first, and the organisation strives to create a company culture and workplace environment that’s rewarding, satisfying, and a place where its people can grow. Beyond this, Blue Connections IT also wants to cultivate a supportive and engaging environment that empowers women in both its business and the industry, as it works to move the needle for women employed in the technology sector beyond 31 per cent.[1]

Cassandra Eastham, head of people and culture, Blue Connections IT, said, “Achieving recognition as one of the Best Workplaces for Women in Australia reflects the organisation’s values and aspirations. It shows that Blue Connections IT doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to gender equality, diversity, and inclusion; it truly walks the walk and embodies its values. Beyond this, it sends a powerful message to Blue Connection IT’s current employees, prospective talent, and the industry more broadly that it’s a company that goes beyond talking about gender inclusivity and takes meaningful actions to ensure it.

“ Such recognition also enhances Blue Connection IT’s employer brand and demonstrates to the world that it’s a workplace where women’s contributions are celebrated, not just acknowledged. As a result, it attracts top female talent who want to be a part of a business that prioritises their wellbeing and professional growth. ”

Blue Connections IT prioritises a work environment that recognises diversity, respects individual differences, and encourages its people to achieve. The organisation has built an open atmosphere that’s designed to promote the exchange of ideas, and one that’s underpinned by flexibility and innovation. Blue Connections IT recognises the value and expertise that women provide to the workplace, and their essential role in its team.

The past three years have been especially difficult for women and people worldwide across every company and industry. Like many others, women at Blue Connections IT have encountered an all-too-common set of challenges that have significantly impacted their professional and personal lives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including mental health struggles; health and safety concerns; isolation and loneliness; and changing family and household responsibilities.

To support the team, and prioritise the wellbeing of its employees, Blue Connections IT has taken steps to recognise the importance of being sensitive and empathetic to various unique circumstances faced by both women and men.

Some of the initiatives implemented to support all employees which continue today include:
  • Flexible work arrangements and supporting policies: Blue Connections IT offers flexible working hours and remote work options to help all employees manage their family commitments and professional responsibilities more effectively. Additionally, the business has implemented a new parental leave policy that gives both men and women paid parental leave and the ability to work flexibly if the type of role they hold permits it. Blue Connections IT has also developed and enhanced policies that specifically address the challenges faced by working parents, including childcare support and leave policies.
  • Mental health resources: the organisation provided access to mental health resources, including counselling and support, to assist all employees in coping with the stress and anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Regular communication: maintaining open lines of communication with employees was crucial throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Blue Connections IT regularly checked in with all its employees, to understand their needs, offer guidance, and provide reassurance during uncertain times. In the emerging post-pandemic era, it has continued to connect with each employee on a regular basis to ensure they receive the necessary support for their success and continued wellbeing.
  • Training and development opportunities: Blue Connections IT continues to invest in the professional development of its employees, including through providing opportunities for upskilling and career advancement. The company recently nominated five employees to complete the Woman Rising course, a four-month virtual leadership development and coaching journey designed to empower women to unlock their full potential. Blue Connections IT will continue to offer these unique opportunities to all its employees and has recently promoted female employees to a number of senior positions in multiple departments across the business. The organisation strongly encourages its female employees to apply for senior roles and jump out of their comfort zones.

Cassandra Eastham said,

“ Blue Connections IT regularly recognises and appreciates the exceptional efforts given by all its employees. Its culture promotes a sense of appreciation and acknowledgment for their resilience and dedication. Blue Connections IT recognises that its employees are its most important assets and, as the company continues to scale, it wants to ensure that its team feels valued, motivated, and engaged. ”

“ This recognition serves as a reminder that Blue Connections IT’s journey towards gender equality—as a business, industry, and society—is ongoing, and it motivates the team to continually improve. It encourages all employees to stay innovative and proactive in their approach as they set an example for others in the industry. It’s a source of inspiration and is indicative of Blue Connection IT’s unwavering commitment to creating a better and more inclusive workplace for all. ”

Blue Connections IT is committed to nurturing the supportive culture it has grown over the past 25 years. This recognition from Great Place to Work is a testament to its success so far, and an indication that the organisation is on the right path forward.


Head of People and Culture, Blue Connections IT