eBook: Never blame the Wi-Fi

Today, having a robust, reliable network connection has gone from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’. Your customers and employees expect to be able to connect seamlessly, around the clock and from anywhere.

At the same time, IT teams are managing an ever-expanding number of devices including from employee devices, and the exploding number of devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Support for multiple types of IoT devices, as all these devices compete for airtime on the network, can affect the network’s speed and efficiency. Modern networks need to cater for more users, types of devices, and access locations than ever before, making intelligent traffic control and intelligent power monitoring essential.

This eBook discusses how tailored technology solutions, like the Aruba wireless network solution could transform your workplace and ensure you’re future-ready.

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What are the key pressures on the modern network?

Today’s employees expect and need reliable and around-the-clock network access without interruption to meet their workload. Most businesses now have some kind of bring your own device (BYOD) policy, so they need connectivity to be seamless and working optimally across all the devices employees use.

The dramatic increase in IoT devices increases the pressure on wireless networks. Users on conference calls compete for wireless bandwidth with temperature, lighting and location sensors, as well as surveillance cameras and audio-visual equipment. All of this is causing applications to generate a larger amount of data using scarce network resources. This can lead to suboptimal performance, higher latency and growing costs that current infrastructure cannot accommodate.

At the same time, employees need connectivity in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, convention centres, transportation centres and other public venues. However, the growing density of bandwidth-intensive applications can lead to wide-ranging performance and latency issues.

The combination of IoT, BYOD and mobility requirements means it’s often difficult to optimise a network for just higher-performing devices. The network must accommodate both older and newer devices. And, with the increasing use of eLearning and collaboration applications, a modern wireless network must be able to handle large amounts of traffic to and from the cloud.

How can an Aruba wireless solution help?

Aruba wireless access points work with new Wi-Fi standards and provide support for multiple types of IoT devices running a range of protocols. This means you can configure your Aruba wireless network and your devices, your way.

With an Aruba wireless network, it’s possible to break up the airtime and have multiple clients each use a slice of time simultaneously, making Aruba Wi-Fi up to four times faster than a traditional network.

An Aruba wireless solution uses machine learning to automatically optimise channels, bandwidth and power. Your Aruba wireless network solution features intelligent power monitoring and intelligent traffic control. Using intelligent traffic control, Aruba Wi-Fi recognises that not all traffic on your network will require the same level of connectivity at the same time, and adapts accordingly.

Aruba’s wireless access points include the security standards WPA3 and Enhanced Open, This provides advanced authentication security protecting your network in scenarios where user authentication isn’t wanted, or distribution of credentials is impractical. It makes open networks safer where guest access and shared passwords are used.

Blue Connections IT, a trusted Aruba reseller can guide you through the best Aruba wireless solution to suit your business. With tailored technology solutions for organisations of any size, we’ll guide you through the steps to achieve optimal network speed and security. Read the eBook to find out more.