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Lenovo Repair Request

Lenovo – Supporting the highly productive, mobile workforce

Notebook technology today has evolved to help the remote users to be available any time anywhere.  With the Lenovo ThinkPad range, you can create a modern workplace to run your business your way.

With Lenovo, the best of breed notebook hardware platform, as confirmed by Gartner, it’s lightweight and enhanced technology features let you have the best intuitive  user experience.

Kim Gray, Senior Account Executive, Blue Connections
Think about how you use a laptop today. Now think about how you will use it in three years’ time. You need to be forward-thinking when investing in new workplace technologies. Workers of tomorrow will expect the ability to use 2-in-1 devices with the latest productivity tools. And users today will organically learn how to get the most from new devices.
Bill Mackay, Technical Account Manager, Blue Connections

“As our industry becomes more and more competitive, and customers not only expect more but demand more from partners, the status quo will no longer yield the success of the past. Companies need to differentiate themselves in the market through creative and innovative initiatives to grab the attention of the customer. This not only maintains relationships and creates stickiness but also creates new interest to get that valuable foot in the door.

The winner of this category is a master in all of the above and successfully delivers initiatives that are different, fun and innovative while also making sure there is a core message that resonates and differentiates.

It gives me great pleasure to announce our innovative partner of the year winner: Blue Connections

Frank Eagleton, Channel Manager, Lenovo Australia

Lenovo Coffee
At Blue Connections we like our vendor relationships the same way as our coffee – Strong!

Blue Connections Platinum Partnership

Platinum Partnership provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Exclusive pricing

  • Tier 1 support

  • Information on new product launches and updates

  • Access to roadmap and technical sessions

  • Product evangelists

  • On site repair centre

  • Certified sales and technical team

  • Warehouse facility of current model Lenovo products and accessories – ensuring fast delivery time

  • Exclusive access to dedicated Lenovo resources and demonstration product

  • Access to Lenovo finance

Gadens Case Study

Case Study: How Gadens used a PC refresh to transform the way they do business

Implementing an over-arching, end–to–end strategy, to drive business needs:

  • Support mobility, so staff can work wherever they can service clients best
  • Support efficiency with paperless collaboration and meetings using digital ink, pen-based technology and digital document management
  • Ensure the right people were using the right devices with the right capabilities

Evolve your IT with a Modern Workplace solution from Blue Connections

To function as a modern workplace, and keep pace with ever-increasing demands from clients, employees, partners and suppliers, your business needs to work as efficiently and productively as possible. This includes collaborating effectively and working remotely – from any device.

However, from an IT perspective, facilitating this flexibility and efficiency – across procurement, installation, support, security and maintenance – can be very challenging and time consuming.

This is where Blue Connections Modern Workplace solution can help.


Blue Connections Modern Workplace White Paper
Blue Connections Modern Workplace Brochure
Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500
ThinkSmart Hub 500

ThinkSmart Hub 500 with Skype.

  • Give staff a simple way to create and join meetings regardless of where they work or what device they’re using
  • Enable staff to join meetings with a single tap of a button – eliminate fumbling around with numbers and complex processes
  • Allow staff to easily share documents and messages during meetings using the intuitive touch-screen console
  • Transform any meeting room into a video-conferencing room and use your existing hardware such as cameras, screens, projectors and audio devices
ThinkVision P44w Monitor Datasheet

Reimagine Creativity. Redefine Productivity.

Offering a stunning visual experience, the ThinkVision P44w-10 allows you to be more productive every day. The 43.4-inch large screen real estate and the wide viewing angle make content creation and consumption exceptional.

The versatile connectivity ports expand your device capabilities by enabling easy connection to other peripherals. Packed with advanced features, this monitor is your perfect canvas to amplify productivity.

For more information download the ThinkVision P44w Monitor Datasheet.

Lenovo IDC InfoBrief: Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation

IDC Infobrief: Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation

IDC’s latest Future of Work (FoW) predictions for 2019 reinforce the vision of a workspace in which humans and bots work together to drive an organisation’s digital transformation (DX) in the Industry 4.0 era. From artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to augmented/virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT), these innovation accelerator (IA) technologies underpin the wave of continuous innovation and disruption of traditional business models.

Workforce Mobility

White Paper: Workforce Mobility

How to maximize the benefits of mobility while minimizing the costs and security risks. Follow the 3 essentials:

  • Uncompromised productivity
  • 360 degree security
  • Reliable durability
Modern Device Technology Solution Datasheet

Modern Device Technology Solution Datasheet

To achieve maximum productivity, today’s dynamic and fast-evolving businesses require modern device technology, across all 3 user types:

  • Mobile Users
  • Non-Mobile Users
  • Advanced users
Multi-Tasking 2.0

Multi-Tasking 2.0: How New Trends In Computing Are Helping Us Work More Efficiently And Safer Than Ever

Multi-tasking is impossible to escape today, which is why the modern computing environment is designed to be optimised around enabling rich, simultaneous interactivity. This can be called multi-tasking 2.0.

Lenovo Open Days with Blue Connections

Lenovo Open Days with Blue Connections

There are always 3 good reasons to attend a Lenovo / Blue Connections Open Day

  1. Road Map Sessions: Keep up to date with the latest developments in the Lenovo portfolio of desktops and notebooks
  2. Product Demos: Get “hands on” with the latest Lenovo technology
  3. Great Food: Fill up on the latest info, and delicious food

Lenovo Trivia Night

Thank you to all our customers for getting into the 80’s team spirit and attending our Blue Connections and Lenovo – 80’s Trivia and Bingo event.

A fun night was had by all.

Lenovo Trivia Night

How Blue Connections works with Lenovo

Client Reference:

Councils & Local Government

Blue Connections together with Lenovo have created a strong presence in Victorian Local Government. Councils and agencies aim to enable simpler, faster, valued and engaging community interactions through digital transformation. Lenovo technology has enabled the Modern Workplace via Intelligent Transformation.

Standardising fleets on fit for purpose devices such as the X1 Yoga, with the Active Stylus and 360° touchscreen enable collaboration and drive productivity. With Embedded WWAN connectivity users are able harness the cloud with controlled secure access, always remain up-to-date.

Blue Connections