Easy Expansion for Jewish Care


“IT managers most definitely want their lives to be easier, not more complicated. With the new Aruba network and the software they provide to manage the network, it has made things a lot easier.

Jewish Care is essentially a residential aged care facility that offers a multitude of services to the Jewish community. The organisation had a vision, they wanted to deliver a number of key facilities over the coming years, the flagship one in Windsor, the Cohen building, as well as in Carnegie.

In terms of the IT network for the new facilities, it was really just time to get some consistency in the environment, with these 3-4 new buildings coming to fruition, we focussed on getting a consistent platform that was easy for us to manage and roll out.

Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building, Winsdor, opened in April 2020.

The new network would be used by the elders, the corporate team and visitors. We needed something that was faster and more reliable.

We mainly decided that Aruba was the best solution for us, because of the support that they offer and provide, their equipment has got lifetime warranty, and obviously the price point was a big one for us being a non for profit.

I had a vision of what I wanted the network to look like, I sent it out there to a few parties, as you do, with the standard quote process. Blue Connections was one of those and they came back with obviously a very competitive price in terms of delivering the solution, as well as providing additional information or design tips that will improve the network structure.

The benefits of working with Blue Connections are the breadth of technology that they’re involved with, I can throw anything at them, questions about our Aruba Core Switching infra- structure, or how do I do something on a laptop, and they’ve got somebody that can answer that question, so that’s where I think it’s good. And they’re open and able to answer those questions without wanting us to handout some money for it.

Before we didn’t have a clear definition, now we’ve got a clear definition. If you’re an elder or client, we know you’re on VLAN 122 for instance, whereas corporate is on VLAN 10. We’ve got a clear definition now of the separation. From an elder perspective, when the elders walk in, they want to get access to Wi-Fi, and no matter what building they’re in, they know how to connect.

In the future, it will be easy for Jewish Care to expand. The way we’ve designed the new network and the way Blue Connections has helped design it, it’s very modular, it’s very easy for us just to add new; if we add new switches, if we need new access points, we just add them on. I think we’re in a really good position now. Any new building that we go forth with now, we’ve got a solid platform of what we deliver into it, we know how to deliver it, we know how to support it. And its HPE Aruba, its well known, and any type of integration that we want to do into the future, I think we’ll have that ability.”

Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building, Winsdor.


“Jewish Care had an aging network, it was at the point of needing an upgrade and they had new sites coming online. They wanted to have the ability to dynamically set up sites as quickly and as easily as possible.

The upgrade was also important for a better experience for residents, staff and visitors.

Blue Connections provided Jewish Care with Aruba Central, Aruba ClearPass and Aruba Switching, giving Jewish Care the flexibility to easily add new sites in the future.

We configured ClearPass to profile every single device that connects to the network. Whether it’s a TV, a camera or a device, ClearPass sees that device and places it in the correct network.

We’ve added a lot of automation to the customers. Things are getting done dynamically. You can stand up a new site easily and quickly with little interaction with Blue Connections unless required. Jewish Care can easily add new switches of access to the network.”

Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building, Winsdor.