VMware Audit and Health Check from
Blue Connections IT

At a glance

The Blue Connections VMware Virtualisation Health Check Service examines the VMware vSphere® infrastructure health supporting an organisation’s global production environment.

Blue Connections Professional Services experts validate technical consistency, examine the use of good practices, and identify areas where potential system degradation and bottlenecks can impact system health.

Identification of gaps in current practices and areas of concern are presented with remediation recommendations. These topics are discussed during follow-up workshops and formalised recommendations are documented and presented at the conclusion of the engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Validate VMware infrastructure against VMware best Practices
  • Maximise resources through efficiencies and roadmap for future improvements
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices


The VMware Virtualisation Health Check Service is designed to review and provide remediation advice for a VMware vSphere® environment, including vCenter Server®, vSphere Clusters, and individual VMware ESXi™ hosts.

The project includes the following modules:

Blue Connections will provide the following services:

  • Assess compute virtualisation health
  • Perform assessment within the Customer environment.

Project scope

The scope of the service is defined in this section.

Assess Compute Virtualisation Health

Review of Customer vSphere environment (VMware ESXi hosts, vCenter Server infrastructure) to assess conformance with VMware best practices.

Architectural Design Review
Architectural design review Up to one (1) Architectural design review workshop
Health Check Analysis
Customer environment interviews Up to one (1) Customer environment interviews
HealthAnalyser deployments Up to one (1) HealthAnalyser deployments performed
vCenter servers Up to one (1) vCenter servers to be analysed
vSphere clusters Up to two (2) vSphere clusters to be analysed
ESXi hosts Up to sixty-four (64) ESXi hosts to be analysed
Health check reports Up to one (1) Health check reports to create

Estimated Schedule

The project defined in this Scope of Work is estimated to be for a duration of up to one (1) week. Blue Connections consulting services will operate according to a schedule agreed to by both parties. The consulting services are performed during normal business hours and workdays (weekdays and non-holidays).

More Information

For more information or to schedule an engagement, please contact the Blue Connections team.