Streamlined Hardware Delivery & Collections Services from Blue Connections IT

Help make sending and collecting hardware from your end-users simple, secure and sustainable with streamlined hardware delivery & collection services from Blue Connections IT.

Our reusable security crates simplify hardware replacements and collections by providing:

  • Controlled freight costs with pre-determined charges
  • Flexible delivery and collection options, with multiple carriers and collection points available
  • Maximum visibility and control with live tracking and E-mail/SMS notifications
  • Environmentally friendly and sturdy reusable packaging made from heavy duty, durable recycled polypropylene material
  • Packaging reduction to minimize freight costs and environmental impact
  • Secure transportation with tamper-proof security tags provided
  • Easy to follow instructions for the end-user

If you are currently facing any of the following scenarios, please don’t hesitate to talk to us today to see how we can help streamline the delivery and collection process.

  • Deployment of new and collection of old equipment directly to an end-user or site
  • Collection of retired equipment directly from an end-user or site
  • Collection of returnable equipment directly from a departing user
  • Collection or swap out of faulty hardware for repair


  • Will internal packaging be provided for protection?
  • Yes, to protect hardware we will provide internal packaging dependent on what hardware is being collected.

  • Do I need to be available to receive or have crates collected?
  • Yes, like other courier deliveries and collections you will need to be available. If not, it may be dropped at your nearest collection point or rebooked. Please note that there may be a fee incurred for missed deliveries or collections.

  • Is the maximum weight important?
  • Yes, for safety reasons and to ensure goods aren’t damaged in transit it is important that the maximum weight as labelled on each crate isn’t exceeded. You will also need to ensure the lid can close properly and is secured with the provided tags.

  • Can deliveries be redirected to a different address or cancelled once dispatched?
  • Unfortunately we cannot alter a booking once it’s been handed over to the courier. If you need to make any alterations to the booking details after it’s been dispatched, please contact the courier provider directly using the details provided with the tracking information.

  • How long can I keep the crate for?
  • We will require the crates to be returned within 14 days from delivery. Failure to return crates may incur recovery or replacement fees.

  • I have a question or issue regarding delivery, packing or collection. Who do I contact?
  • Please e-mail any questions or concerns regarding crate deliveries or collections to


Whilst all efforts are taken to ensure the safety and protection of goods being transported, Blue Connections IT cannot and will not be held responsible for  damaged or missing items due to incidents caused during transit by 3rd party freight providers.

Failure to return or damaged crates (including crates damaged due to incorrect packing) may incur recovery or replacement fees.

Delivery ETAs are a guide only and subject to delays outside of Blue Connections IT’s control.

Ready to book?

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Phone: 1800 659 477