Blue Connections IT Asset Recovery Services

Blue Connections IT & Blancco provides a secure and complete end-to-end solution for processing retired hardware. Whether as a standalone service, bundled with a Device Lifecycle Management solution, or part of a hardware refresh project; Rest assured your data and hardware is handled safely and securely to industry standard.

Ask us for a valuation for decommissioning and asset buyback4 – one easy figure with all services included which will be provided as a reimbursement once hardware is received and inspected.

Alternatively – hardware can be refurbished for redeployment, forwarded to a lessor, or disposed for environmentally friendly e-waste recycling.

All hardware is tracked individually throughout the entire process.

Blancco is an industry recognized provider of data erasure services. Whether a PC, Mobile/Tablet, Server, or Storage; Blancco will ensure all data is securely destroyed.

Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments based in x86 and x86-64 architectures
BIOS & UEFI machines including intel-based Macs
IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, FireWire hard disk drives of any size / blocksize
SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size / blocksize
Complete detection of all hardware components
Extensive hardware testing capabilities
Verification algorithms to automatically check the overwritten patterns
Hexviewer providing fast visual verification of the erasure for compliance
Reports are tamper proof
Embed reports in the drives for a fast erasure audit
Local or remote data erasure
High-speed, simultaneous erasure of multiple drives
RAID dismantling and direct access to the underlying physical drives
SSD detection and secure erasure with Blancco’s patented SSD method
Automated detection and unlocking of freeze locked drives
Extensive list of international erasure standards, including HMG/CESG, NIST, BSI and DoD
Detection, notification and erasure of hidden areas (DCO, HPA) and remapped sectors
Digitally-signed erasure report
Choose between asset level or drive level reports
Detailed reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection
Extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedures
User extendable report (with option to add “custom fields”)
(ex GST)
(Melbourne Metro)
Collect assets¹ from site within metropolitan Melbourne. Hardware must be in a central location that is easily and safely accessible, within close proximity to parking or loading zones. $200.00 Per m³ Within 5 Business Days of receiving request
(Regional/ Interstate)
Collect assets¹ from site via 3rd Party Courier. As Quoted Per
Within 5 Business Days of receiving request
General Rubbish /
E-Waste Disposal
Cost to dispose items that are not classed as a trackable asset¹, and do not contain company specific
information. Paper/Carboard/Metal/E-Waste will be recycled.
$50.00 Per m³
Storage Secure long-term storage of hardware in holding or quarantine.
Hardware awaiting on customer response for longer than 3 weeks will automatically be placed into secure storage.
Applicable to any hardware on hold for Device Return
$50.00 Per pallet³,
per month
Tracking & Reporting Check-in and inspect assets¹ and secure quarantine, provide reporting on assets¹ received and requiring approval to decommission. $5.00 Per asset¹ Within 5 Business Days of receiving hardware
Asset Valuation4 Rebate4 for sale of assets to verified buyback channels. As Quoted Per sale Within 30 Business Days of initial hardware check-in and inspection
HDD Data
Tier 1 – Standard
Remove corporate tags/stickers, perform Blancco enhanced drive sanitation on each hard disk, provide drive sanitation certificates.
Physical destruction with photographic evidence provided for faulty drives.
$11.00 Per drive Within 15 Business Days of receiving approval to decommission hardware
HDD Data
Tier 2 – Advanced
Drives within faulty or incompatible hosts – Remove corporate tags/stickers, remove drive and mount in temporary host, perform Blancco enhanced drive sanitation on each hard disk, reinstall drive, provide drive sanitation certificates. $16.00 Per drive
Factory Reset Factory reset and/or wipe of networked devices (eg. routers, switches, printers). $16.00 Per device
Physical Destruction Secure physical destruction (shredding) of all other data retaining media, provide certificate of destruction and photographic evidence. $7.00 Per item
Device Refurbishment Clean hardware and inspect for major cosmetic damage. If required, provide repair quotes. Re-image device to factory state, or load customer specific SOE. $25.00 Per device Within 10 Business Days of completion of decommissioning
Device Return Return or forward hardware for redeployment, lease return or donation (not including shipping). $7.00 Per asset¹ Within 5 Business Days of completion of decommissioning

¹ An asset is defined as any trackable item that has a unique identifier, such as a serial number or machine type/model.
² Estimation only and dependent on factors such as quantity, existing workload, delays from external vendors/freight providers, hardware failure.
³ Up to 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2m in dimensions.
4 Offer valid for 14 days from date quoted and subject to final hardware inspection upon check-in. Hardware must be received in good working order, with no cosmetic damage or missing factory licenses, components and accessories. Offer subject to revaluation if hardware delivery is delayed or doesn’t meet condition criteria