New Vendor Announcement – Blue Connections adopts 8×8 UCaaS/XCaaS
for Telephony & Contact Centre


Blue Connections are delighted to welcome 8×8 as a new vendor. 8×8 integrates voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform which enables better local and global connectivity and productivity.

This page focuses on our decision to adopt 8×8 for Blue Connections’ telephony system and, in the coming weeks, there will be further information provided, including sales tools and deal registration instructions to assist in promoting the 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform.

8×8 have an Australian branch with local support staff and will allow us to move to a cloud based, Teams integrated telephony solution.

Why 8×8? – Features / Value Add

  • The phone system will move from on-prem to Cloud hosted, backed by 8×8’s 99.999% SLA with hosting in 50+ global data centres (data remains in Australia).
  • Make and receive calls anywhere, using 8×8 Softphone on mobile phone, laptop and MS Teams.
  • Full Integration with MS Teams, make and receive calls through Teams via your Direct Line for both Standard users and Contact Centre agents.
  • Dialling to local, national, mobile and 48 International countries included in the package for select users.
  • Provide the Service Desk Team leaders more permissions to make changes to how the Contact Centre environment works.
  • Build 8×8 MSP tenancies with their Cloud platform, so Blue Connections can quickly sell and onboard new customers.
  • The product review of 8×8 was conducted by NSC, MSC and MSD and ESD teams and has been thoroughly vetted and approved by all teams.
  • Sell MS Teams and 8×8 together, with full integration between the Microsoft and 8×8, adding contact centre options to MS Teams opportunities.

Q & A

  • What happens to Mitel?

    • Mitel remains a vendor we can support and maintain for current MSA customers; however, no new solutions will be deployed – the NSC team will lead with 8×8 for all Comms/Contact Centre opportunities.
  • How will the user experience change?

    • If you are currently using MS Teams over MiCollab which the majority are, it won’t. Your Direct Inward Dialling (03 8585 75xx) number can be answered from Teams or the 8×8 Softphone. For Contact Centre users, they will have the option to make and receive calls from Teams or the 8×8 Softphone.
  • What happens to my desk phone?

    • The consensus is most users do not use their desk phones anymore. For the small number that requires a phone, Yealink phones will be deployed. NSC and MSC teams are working jointly with this vendor.
  • What happens if Microsoft goes down?

    • There are no dependencies between 8×8 and Microsoft; if M365 becomes unavailable, then calling through 8×8 Softphone remains available backed by 8×8 99.99% SLA.
  • Why the change?

    • Moving to a Telephony and Contact Centre product that collaborates with Teams, making it easier for the user to manage one comms application. Adding an extra layer of resilience to our Contact Centre and enabling Service Desk team leads to manage their Agents and Queues without the assistance of NSC Team.
  • How do we engage and Sales enablement?

    • BlueChip is the Distributor and, with the 8×8 Channel team, they will be supporting us on new opportunities and helping will run Enablement sessions to help the Sales team sell the solution, backed with the NSC Presales team.

More Information

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