Operational & Shipping UPDATE

To our valued customers,

In light of recent government announcements regarding Stage 1 shutdowns, we have received numerous enquiries regarding clarification on our business operations.

As of today, we can confirm that we remain operational and will continue to ship all orders. We have seamlessly transitioned the vast majority of our office staff to working from home. Our warehouse has a healthy supply of inventory and we can direct ship where required.

Our Managed Service Desk and PMO are both fully operational and will continue to support our customers remotely with the same level of service they have previously received. Our Core Business Units – Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Communications, Microsoft and Cloud Services will continue to assist with operational support, business continuity and change management as we transition to a remote working environment.

Thank you once again for your continued support and your nimbleness to adapt in this rapidly changing environment. We will continue to partner with our customers and use this opportunity to think outside of the conventional ways of interacting and supporting one another. Now more than ever, our team is here to offer any guidance and support needed over the coming weeks and months.

The Blue Connections Team